Bedfordshire Golf Club - Ladies Section 

Fun, Friendship and Fantastic Golf! 
A warm welcome to Bedfordshire Golf Club Ladies Section, from all of our lady members. We want you to get the most out of our club, making new friends, improving your golf but most of all having fun. We particularly welcome our new members at Bedfordshire Golf Club, and recognise that you'll have lots of questions about how things work, who does what, and who to contact for things. If you are new to the club: Please click on this link to download a handy guide for new Lady members  
The Ladies section of the club is managed by an experienced team of members who form the Ladies Committee as follows: 
Captain - Anne Harris (pictured) 
Vice-Captain - Judy Monico 
Past captain - Helen Nellis 
Secretary - Sheila Fairey 
Treasurer - Sam Turnbull 
Handicaps - Judi Monico 
Competiions - Maureen Dawson 
Seniors - Tina Pollard 
Committee members - Edna Turner, Hilary Denny, Charlotte Walsh 
County rep - Sheila Fairey 
In additon to this website, there is a Facebook site for the Bedfordshire Golf Club, Ladies Section which contains lots of useful information about events and the golf activities within the ladies section of the club - and of course, many photos from previous competitions and social events. 
New and experienced golfers may find the following information on the CONGU handicapping system useful: 
In addition the following websites may be useful particularly for new players: 
More information via the MEMBER INFORMATION tab at the top of the page. 

A montage of many of the happy faces from the Ladies section can be seen below!