Ladies Inter-Club Matches 

Senior Ladies Friendly match v Leighton Buzzard (Home) 6th September 2017 
Result: Bedfordshire 4: Leighton Buzzard 0 
A great climax to the Seniors' programme of match fixtures on a glorious Autumn day. Our opponents were delighted to see the welcome sign as they entered the club house but perhaps not so delighted by the result. A sweet victory for Bedfordshire given that they beat us earlier in the season in the Shield match (away). 
Thank you to all who played throughout the season and the winning team here. Anne Harris + Chin Fern; Carol Farnworth + Hilary Denny; Edna Turner + Brenda Davenport; Jane Anderson + Sue Moore. 
Shield Match v Beadlow Manor (Home) 28th September 2017 
Result: Bedfordshire 5.5 - Beadlow 1.5 
The final shield match of the season yielded us another great victory against Beadlow Manor 5.5 to 1.5 on what turned out to be a very warm and sunny Autumn day to showcase our lovely course. 
This ensured we finished the season mid table in 6th place with 6 wins out of 12. A huge improvement on the 2016 season but leaving us with plenty of room for improvement in 2018. 
The match will be remembered forever by the lovely Hilary who was very proud to have arrived early at the course, practised on the range and put in some time on the putting green before 10.30 am. It was at this moment she realised to her horror that we were all at Bedfordshire as it was a home match. She dashed back in time to tee off at 11:30am but left her clubs at the oppositions’ club! Thank goodness she won her match after all that effort. 
Team: Anne Harris, Carol Farnworth, Sheila Fairey, Chin Fern Griffiths, Jane Anderson, Hilary Denny and Barbara Talboys. 
Thank you to everybody who has volunteered to play this season, do come back next year. 
Hospital Cup – Tuesday 5 September 2017 
This is an annual friendly match played against Bedford & County Golf Club, with money raised being donated to Bedford Hospital. 
This year the match was played at Beds & County's course on a grey and miserable day. However that did not stop the sounds of laughter and exclamations when balls did not do as they were expected to on leaving the tees! 
Bedfordshire Golf Club fielded a large team for a 4 BBB competition with the top 8 scores going forward to determine the match result. 
Tea and cake were taken in the clubhouse along with a competition to guess the number of sweets on a cake made and donated by Sally Shayler. £193 was raised for the hospital. 
This years winners were Beds & County with a score of 349 points to our 334 across the 8 best scores. 
Our ladies are clearly 'on a roll' at the moment in their matches against other clubs. Having recently achieved a resounding victory against John O'Gaunt, they have now followed this up with two more wins. See below for more details: 
Shield Match v Tilsworth 
Result: Bedfordshire 6.5: Tilsworth 0.5 
An excellent win by the Bedfordshire Ladies at home, one match being conceded by Tilsworth at the start. Thanks to the team of Anne Harris, Sam Turnbull, Brenda Beard, Sheila Fairey, Chin Fern Griffiths and Hilary Denny. 
Shield Match v The Millbrook 
Result: The Millbrook 2: Bedfordshire 5 
A really great away performance from the Bedfordshire Ladies despite having to give away many shots. The team negotiated the precipitous undulations, deep bunkers, overhanging trees, tricky greens and carp filled pools to take the tie comfortably. 
Team members: Anne Harris, Barbara Talboys, Sheila Fairey, Sue Cribb, Sam Turnbull, Hilary Denny, and Dot Maroney. 
Photo below: Our ladies enjoy some hospitality after their victory at Millbrook 
Inter Club Matches - Summer 2017 
Bedfordshire Golf Club Ladies Section enters teams in a number of leagues to suit all playing abilities. Details of fixtures are provided below with sign- up sheets on the board in the ladies changing rooms. Please contact the respective team captain via the club office if you have any questions. 
Scratch Matches - 2017 
Captain - Sally Shayler 
Date Club Venue Result 
4 Jun Dunstable Downs Away Lost 2 1/2 - 1/2 
22 Jul Leighton Buzzard Home Won 3 - 0 
29 Jul Aspley Guise Home Lost 1 - 2 
5 Aug John O'Gaunt Away Lost 0 - 3 
6 Aug Aylesbury Vale Home Won 2 1/2 - 1/2  
9 Sept Bedford & County Away Draw 1 1/2 - 1 1/2 
17 Sept South Beds Home Won 2 - 1 
Shield Matches - 2017 
Captain - Barbara Talboys 
Date Club Venue Result 
8 May South Bedfordshire Home Won 4 1/2 - 2 1/2 
25 May The Bedford Home Won 5 - 2 
12 June Aspley Guise Away Lost 1/2 - 6 1/2 
22 June Leighton Buzzard Away Lost 2 - 5 
26 June Dunstable Downs Away Lost 2 - 5 
20 July Bedford & County Home Draw 3 1/2 -3 1/2 
24 July Mount Pleasant Away Lost 4 - 3 
2 Aug John O'Gaunt Home Won 5.5 -1.5 
14 Aug Tilsworth Home Won 6.5 - 0.5 
17 Aug Millbrook Away Won 5 - 2 
28 Sept Beadlow Home Won 5 1/2-1 /1/2 
Senior Ladies Matches - 2017 
Captain - Tina Pollard 
Date Club Venue Result 
12 May Rushden Away Draw 
7 Jun St Neots Away Lost 1 - 3 
19 Jun John O'Gaunt Away Lost 1 - 3 
13 Jul Bedford & County Home Lost 1.5 - 2.5 
21 Sept South Beds Home Cancelled 
Shield Match v John of Gaunt (home) - 2nd August 2017 
Result - Bedfordshire 5.5; John O'Gaunt 1.5 
On a day more akin to Autumn with gales and rain rather than a hoped for summer afternoon, the Bedfordshire ladies put on a fabulous performance, as well as their waterproofs to secure a strong win. 
The team managed 4 wins and 3 draws in what was a very friendly match. Despite the awful weather, the course played well for the Home team and drew many complimentary comments from the JOG ladies. 
Thank you to the team of Judi Monico, Barbara Talboys, Noreen Tattam, Brenda Beard, Jane Anderson, Chin Fern and Hilary Denny 
Ladies Shield Match v Mount Pleasant; Away: 24th July 2017 
Result - Mount Pleasant 4; Bedfordshire 3 
A very pleasant and closely fought match at this 9 hole golf course (different tees for the second time around). We nearly managed to bring off an away win despite the inclement weather and having to give away many shots. 
Team: Anne Harries, Sue Bailey, Sue Cribb, Jane Anderson, Hilary Denny, Sheila Fairey and Judi Monico 
Ladies Shield Match v Beds & County Home: 20th July 2017 
Result - Bedfordshire 3.5: Beds & County 3.5 
A grim day weather wise with wind and rain making an appearance at intervals during the match. A closely fought duel with some good performances on both sides resulting in a draw. 
Thank you to the ladies who played - Sheila Fairey, Anne Harries, Barbara Talboys, Hilary Denny, Noreen Tattam, Brenda Beard, and Tina Pollard. (pictured below) 
Seniors' friendly match v John O'Gaunt, 19th June 2017 
John O'Gaunt 3; Bedfordshire 1 
The match was played on an exceptionally hot and humid day and accordingly it was agreed the match would be played over 9 holes. The home team's local knowledge proved too much of an advantage, taking the match 3 games to 1. 
Thank you to our team for playing:- Rosemary Harris, Val Lake, Hilary Denny Sheila Fairey, Maureen Dawson & Noreen Tattam, Edna Turner, Brenda Davenport. 
Shield away match v Dunstable Downs 26th June 2017 
Dunstable Downs 5: Bedfordshire 2 
It was a lovely day; perfect for shirt sleeve golf. We were made very welcome and all enjoyed the challenges of this beautiful downland course. However ultimately we were vanquished 5:2. Thank you to our team members: Anne Harris, Sheila Fairey, Noreen Tattam, Judi Monico, Sue Bailey, Jane Anderson & Hilary Denny.. 
Senior friendly match v St Neots away: St Neots 3: Bedfordshire 1 
We had a great day out; the course was a picture and our hosts very friendly and welcoming. They also provided a delicious afternoon tea. The match was much closer than the final result suggests. Two of our losses were decided on the final green. Thank you to all members of our gallant team who were excellent representatives of the club.... 
Team members: Tina Pollard, Paddy Richardson, Rosemary Harris, Hilary Denny, Edna Turner, Brenda Davenport, Barbara Talboys and Anne Harris. 
Shield match v South Beds at home: 
Result: Bedfordshire won 4.5 to 2.5 
Yes, the tide has turned. There were some very closely fought games, but overall lots of excellent performances from Bedfordshire Ladies produced a decisive win for the home side. The match was played in a very good spirit and the course was in excellent condition. Only the weather struck a sour note, being unseasonably cold and windy. ... 
Team members were: Anne Harris, Sheila Fairey, Sue Bailey, Judi Monico, Jane Anderson, Hilary Denny, Sue Moore. 
Well done everyone. 
Bedfordshire Golf Club vs. The Bedford 
Bedfordshire Ladies Shield team played The Bedford on a hot and sunny Thursday afternoon in May, winning 5-2. This is our second win of the season much to the delight of Captain Anne. Many thanks to everyone for playing, Anne Harries, Noreen Tattam, Brenda Beard, Edna Turner, Sheila Fairey, Jane Anderson and Hilary Denny. 
Below: The victorious BGC Team enjoying a drink after the match 
Senior's friendly v Rushden 12th May 2017 
Result: - Match Halved 
A very friendly welcome awaited us at Rushden today. The course experience is one of two halves, the mature first half and the return on a very new suite of holes. We all enjoyed close matches, which resulted in a halved match..