Bedfordshire Golf Club - Member Groups 

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A number of member based social golfing groups exist within the club. 
For those wishing to play golf with other members at the club, a number of these groups are operate on a roll-up basis. The primary groups which welcome others members on an ad-hoc basis are: 
TATS (Tuesday's and Thursday's) - Meet from 8.15am for an 8.30am tee-off 
Late Arrivals (Saturday) - Meet from 7.20am for a 7.30am tee off from 10th tee 
BOGS (Saturday) - Meet from 7.45am for an 8.00am tee off from1st & 10th tees 
LBW'S - Monday and Wednesdays - 9.15 am for 9.30 am tee off, meet on the practice putting green  
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BOGS (section to be created) 
BLOGS (section to be created) 
Late Arrivals (section to be created)