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Mixed & Social Golf 
Six Nations Golf & Rugby Challenge - Sat 7th March 
Six teams of ten players each took part in the inaugural Six Nations Challenge on Saturday. The event was orchestrated by our Chair of House, Peter Wilson and perhaps fittingly, the England team was led by our very own Club Captain, Nick Turnbull. 
The other teams were (in most cases appropriately) captained as follows: 
Ireland by Terry Donnelly 
Italy by Tony Ciampa 
Scotland by John Jappy 
Wales by Tony Williams 
and in the absence of a francophile, France was led by Derek 'Seve' (sounds Spanish to me) Fields! 
The format was 4BBB match play, with five pairs per team, each pair playing one from the remaining five nations. 
They competed for the 'Six Nations Challenge' trophy donated by the competition committee. 
Being an inaugural event there were a few teething problems, particularly with the scoring process, due to a no-show! Team captains generously agreed a points based system which gave a fairer result. The final (very close) results were as follows: 
France - 0 points 
England - 4 points 
Italy - 4 points 
Ireland - 7 points 
Scotland - 8 points 
Wales - 9 points 
Adopting a points based system swung the result very sportingly from Scotland to Wales! 
Our President Joe Nellis who unfortunately was unable to support Ireland on the day, came along to present the trophy to the winning team; 
Winners, Wales, with the Trophy 
The Winning Team above, including: Tony Williams; Nigel Fordham; Derwayne Stupple; Dominic Whitehouse; Simon Henry; Glen O Brien; Phil Powell; Raj Matu; Andy Ashall ; Martin Jones and of course our President, Joe Nellis. 
The social but competitive nature of the event promoted a great atmosphere in the club. 
Following the golf competition, Debbie our Chef provided a tasty Lasagne and Chilli supper for all who took part, while the players sat back to enjoy watching the International Rugby match with England beating Wales - just! 
Previous Mixed & Social Golf Event Reports are shown below 
Tremendous Turn-Out and Great Scores for Pre Captains' Drive-In Competition 
January is a time of year when you might expect to see slightly fewer Members taking part in competitions, but this couldn't be further from the truth when it came to the pre-Drive-In mixed 4BBB event on Sunday. The Green's Team were kind enough to make it 'Code Blue', allowing trolleys for the first time in a while and this undoubtedly helped boost the numbers.108 Members were on the course for the 8.30am Shotgun and this ensured some stiff competition for the podium places. 
An amazing 12 pairings finished with a scores in the 40's, but to win, your total needed to be significantly above the 40 mark. The top three were as follows: 
in 3rd with 43 the Armstrong pairing of James and Jim 
runner's-up with 44 were our outgoing and incoming Senior Captains, Phil Rajotte and Nick Serrecchia 
but our overall winners with an amazing 46 points were Nigel Fordham and Simon Henry 
Unsurprisingly, they were very happy with the result, as can be seen from their celebratory photo! 
Pre-Drive-In 4BBB Winners 
Nigel Fordham & Simon Henry 
New Year Celebrations No Hangover For Some! - Jan 20 
New Mixed Golf Organiser Glenn O'Brien was astonished, but delighted, to be greeted by 21 Members wishing to take part in his very first event - mid-morning on New Years Day 2020! 
The weather was dry, if not chilly, however it is January after all. The course, although still drying out from the awful weather we have experienced recently, was as always, in good condition. 
To ensure that those who might have overindulged somewhat the night before he kept things simple and ran with a straightforward Stableford format. Prizes were awarded for Individual scores (male & female) and for the best team. 
Results were as follows - 
1st - Susan Regan, 34 points 
2nd - Judi Monico, 31 points 
3rd - Jane Anderson, 30 points 
1st - Martin Ball, 39 points 
2nd - Tony Marsh, 36 points (c/b) 
3rd - Steve Monico, 36 points (c/b) 
In the Team event, Adele Carson, Phil Anderson, Jane Anderson, Tony Marsh scored 
30 3/4 points to win 
Martin and Elna Ball were presented with a bottle of Champagne for their commitment to Mixed Matches. They played in pretty much every fixture in 2019. 
Glenn will send out advanced notice of the next Mixed event and is looking to get even more of the members involved in 2020 than we've seen previously. 
Letchworth Salvers Success for Bedfordshire Pair - Sept 2019 
On Saturday, a team of six players from Bedfordshire Golf Club competed in the Letchworth Salvers - a prestigious Team Mixed Foursomes event that Letchworth Golf Club have hosted since 1984. 
We're delighted to say that Barbara Talboys & Nick Serrecchia from Bedfordshire GC (with rounds of 39 & 33 points, totaling 72), won the best overall pair by 4 shots! Well done to both of them, for a fantastic result. 
Our team of Club Captain, Andy Brown & Margaret Seabrook, Nick Serrechia & Barbara Talboys and Eddie Gallagher & Sam Turnbull finished a respectable 8th, a position high enough to ensure with will get an automatic invite for 2020. Hopefully our team then will be able to do even better. 
If you would like to play Mixed Golf at Bedfordshire Golf Club, there are many opportunities through the year. For details, please see the Social Notice Board. 
Bedfordshire winners Nick & Barbara with Letchworth GC Captain and Ladies Captain 
Ashes Cup - August 2019 
The Ashes Cup has been played at Bedfordshire Golf Club since 1955 a year after the fire which destroyed the Clubhouse in 1954. The Cup is supposed to be have been made from all the melted trophies that were at the club at the time of the fire! There used to be a dinner the night before the game which was always very well attended and great fun when the partnerships were picked. 
This year we had 16 pairs playing, preceded by soup and a roll before the game whilst the draw for partners took place. We're delighted to say that the winners were virgins to winning a mixed competition. The top three pairs were: 
3rd - Jane Anderson & Rob (bomber) Lancaster with 33pts (count back). 
2nd - Steve Monico (who hasn't played for 3 mths) & Helen Nellis with a very respectable 35pts. 
but our winners were Steve Lay & Jo Mathews with an outstanding 43pts! They also achieved the only 2. 
Winners Jo & Steve 
with Club Captain, Andy 
Bristow & Saunders Cups - August 2019 
The blistering heat of the August Bank Holiday Monday didn't put off a strong field from competing in the Bristow Cup. 
Nine family member pairs played and after 18 holes there was a huge gap between the scores of those in first and last places. 
The top three finished as follows: 
in 3rd with 33 points were Helen & Joe Nellis 
runner's up with 36 points were Elna & Martin Ball 
but the runaway winners with an amazing 42 points were Sue & Will Marsh. Congratulations to them 
The Saunders Cup (a pairs competition for an Adult & a Junior) has unfortunately not been played since 2012, and again this was the situation in 2019. It would be great if this could be restarted in 2020. 
Winners, Sue & Will Marsh 
Watson Cup Win For Anne & Glenn - August 2019 
Twenty Four Members enjoyed a lovely day on Saturday 17th competing for The Watson Cup, a trophy which demands respect for both its history and its format! 
This cup was first presented in 1947, only two years after the Second World War had ended, by R. Watson and its winners include some of the best known members of Bedfordshire Golf Club. The competition format is Foursomes Medal which, as you will all know, is the most difficult format in golf to play, as you're constantly relying on your playing partner for every other shot. 
In this year's competition, our top three pairings were as follows: 
1st - Glenn O'Brien & Anne Harris - Net 71.5 
2nd - Joe & Helen Nellis - Net 72 
3rd - Phil & Jane Anderson - Net 74 
Congratulations to all of the above for their excellent performances and still be talking to each other afterwards! 
If you would like to join in the the fun of Mixed & Social Golf, scroll down to the next article to see all the upcoming events. 
Winners, Anne Harris & Glenn O'Brien 
Upcoming Mixed & Social Golf Events - August 2019 
We pleased to announce a series of Mixed & Social Golf events over the coming weekends as follows: 
Saturday 17th Aug - Watson Cup 
Sunday 25th Aug - Mixed match vs John O'Gaunt (home) 
Monday 26th Aug - Bristow & Saunders Cup & Social Golf Mon (meet 12.30pm) 
Sunday 1st Sept - Ashes Cup (meet in lounge for the draw at 12.00pm) 
All matches are on the notice board in the foyer at the club. 
President's Day - July 2019 
President’s Day was held in glorious mid-July sunshine, with a full field of over 100 Members from across all sections of the Club taking part. 
The President fired the 8.00am shotgun-start rocket and took a day off from golf himself, while other members enjoyed a leisurely walk in the park - and of course, the President's generous hospitality! 
The President gets things underway! 
In a packed upstairs lounge of the Clubhouse afterwards, there was a warm and friendly atmosphere – with the President treating everyone to a drink while inviting them to join in singing Happy Birthday for his wife, Helen, who celebrated her ‘big’ birthday a few days earlier. A delicious cake had been made by Chef, Debbie and distributed to the masses! 
Helen, Celebrating in style! 
And to add ’icing to the cake’, Helen took the first prize in the Ladies’ section with 35 points! But there are no suspicions of foul play as Steve Coppock took charge of all cards! 
Helen receiving her prize from (who else but) Joe! 
2nd in the ladies competition was Sue Marsh with 34. 
Sue Marsh who came 2nd in the Ladies competition 
On to the Men's competition and, as so often, it was close at the top with no fewer than 4 players scoring 37 points. Of those, the best back nine was from Liam Mossford to secure 3rd place on countback. 
In 2nd with 38 points was Club Captain, Andy Brown (who also secured a spot prize for his efforts), but the overall winner was Lee Passmoor with 39 points. 
Men's Competition Winner, Lee Passmoor with Joe 
Just your colour Andy! 
In the over 70's men's Competition, club stalwart John Pepper (34 points) was just beaten by Derek Spadaccini (35 points). 
Over 70's Winner Derek Spadaccini 
John Pepper, 2nd in the over 70's 
Our grateful thanks go to President Joe Nellis, for such a great event. We must, of course, also thank our greenkeeping team for presenting the course in such amazing condition and our hospitality team for all their efforts to look after us in the immediate chaos at the bar that follows any shot-gun competition! Well done and thank to all. 
Festival Weekend - All The Winners - July 2019 
Festival Weekend competitions took place over three days as usual and with pleasant July temperatures throughout, we were in for some excellent golf. Our thanks go to Sam & Nick Turnbull for all their hard work organising the competitions and of course the hospitality team for catering to everyone's needs throughout the weekend 
It all started on Friday with both Men's and Ladies competitions in the forms of the Festival Trophy (men) and the Pauline Sampson Trophy (ladies). The top three in each were as follows:  
Festival Trophy 
1st Les Sharman - 37 c/b 
2nd Martin Emes - 37 
3rd Peter Pacifici - 36 
Festival Trophy Winner Les with The Captain 
Pauline Sampson Trophy 
1st Wendy White - 35 
2nd Grace Belcher - 33 c/b 
3rd Jane Anderson - 33 
Winner, Wendy White with The Captain 
On to Saturday and the Festival Fours, which had competitions for both Pairs and Team of Four. There were some amazing scores in both, with the best in each as follows: 
Men’s Pairs 
1st Clive Haywood & Gary Assim - 48 
2nd Ian McKay & Martin Berry - 45 c/b 
3rd Liam Greenwood & Glen Anderson - 45 
Pairs Winner, Clive Haywood 
Pairs Winner, Gary Assim 
Men’s Team 
1st - Mark Johnson, Tony Peluso, Mitchell Young & Jason Young - 52 point 
2nd - Steve Coppock, Steve Lay, Derwayne Stupple & Glen Surridge - 50 points (c/b) 
Tony Peluso representing the Men's Winning Team 
Ladies Pairs 
1st Anne Harris & Edna Turner 38 
Anne & Edna, 
Ladies Pairs Winners 
Ladies Team 
1st - Jane Anderson, Kate Broughton, Toni Miller, & Dot Moroney 43 
Ladies Team Winners with The Captain 
Finally, on to Sunday when the competition was for the KVP Salver. After a very busy weekend of golf, there were still 80 competitors taking part and some good scores. The best of these were: 
3rd with 37 (c/b) was the on form Les Sharman 
2nd with 38 points was Karl Green 
but the winner, with an amazing 40 points off a handicap of 5, was Conor Kavanagh. Well done. 
Conor Kavanagh, KVP Salvers Winner 
Remarkable Roisin Raises the Bar Again - June 2019 
In this year's Lord-Lieutenant's Trophy event we had a tremendous field of over 100 Members, including Men, Ladies and Juniors! The competition for places was therefore intense and the winner would need to be on top of their game. Several of the recent winners were tipped to come out on top, but nothing prepared us for what actually happened, with a future star, coming the fore in a major club competition for the first time. 
The top four were as follows: 
in 4th place with 37 points (c/b) - John Owen 
in 3rd, also with 37 (c/b) - Anthony Scanlon 
runner-up with 38 points (c/b) - Jason Hannon 
but our overall winner, also with 38 points (c/b) was the amazing talent that is Roisin Scanlon! Roisin is the first lady to have won the trophy and also the first junior to have done so. 
For those who haven't been keeping up with Roisin's remarkable progress, she is only 11 years of age and played this competition off a handicap of 6. As a result of her win, she is now playing off 5! How many of us dream of playing off anything like that? 
It was also a very good day for the Scanlon household, with dad Anthony coming third - the celebrations at home must have been special. 
Winner Roisin with HM Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire, Helen Nellis 
HM Lord-Lieutenant, Helen said: "I am so delighted that for the first time a young woman has triumphed in the Lord-Lieutenant's Trophy playing against a field of well over 100 seasoned golfers. 
Roisin has huge talent and we all wish her well as she continues to progress in her golfing career. Thank you to all who took part. There was a fabulous atmosphere of friendly fun and healthy competition in the Clubhouse. 
My thanks to the President for presiding, to Kevin Dunbar for managing the results, to the Greenskeepers for our immaculate course and to all the staff for providing a warm welcome." 
Helen Nellis 
HM Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire 
Roisin proudly holds her sword 
Mixed & Social Golf - Bank Holiday Downpour For Some - May 2019 
The May Bank Holiday Monday saw a good turnout for our usual Mixed & Social Golf Roll-Up and everyone seemed to have a good time - once they'd dried off, as a downpour rather dampened spirits for a while! 
Once back in the clubhouse and nicely dried out, the cards were analysed and a couple of likely suspects in the forms of Phil Rajotte and Tony Marsh, plus a new lady member, Elna Ball, were the victors. Well done to all of them. 
Ding delivered his very own 'MasterCard', not for the amazing score, but for the beautifully neat presentation and in a bit of twist on the prizes, he won a box of balls for his efforts! 
See below for the full 2019 schedule of Mixed & Social Golf Events. 
Ding Delivers a 'MasterCard' 
Marsh Madness in the Morgan - May 2019 
The May Bank Holiday Monday saw a good turnout for the Renee Morgan Salver with 15 pairs taking part in the Mixed 4BBB. 
Conditions were chilly, but dry and whilst a few pairings found points scoring hard work, other in-form players found the whole thing a bit of breeze! 
The top three pairings were a follows: 
in 3rd with a very respectable 39 points, Phil & Jane Anderson 
runner's up with a fantastic 45 points, Edna Turner & Nick Serrecchia 
but the winners with an extraordinary 47 points were Sue & Tony Marsh 
This left the rest of the field scratching their heads as to what on earth they need to do to beat this very in-form pairing. 
If you would like to join the fun of mixed golf, the next social is Bank Holiday Monday 27th May. 
Winners Sue & Tony Marsh with President, Joe Nellis 
Easter Weekend Golfing Fun & Relaxation For Our Mixed Groups 
We had a great weekend of mixed golf with lots of our members joining in the Good Friday and Easter Monday competitions. The weather had clearly brought out the crowds as we hadn't seen this many for a long while. 
Relaxing on the balcony with friends after an enjoyable round of golf 
We added a few twists to make things on course even more fun, so on Friday, double scores were awarded on the par 5s and this was won by Sue Glover. On Monday we played with a Joker and a Mulligan. Again, great fun was had by all, and this time won by Sue Marsh & Joe Nellis (pictured below). 
Winners Sue Marsh and Joe Nellis, with Anne Harris 
Following the Easter weekend events above, a Club Competition (The Salter Cup) takes place on Sunday 28th April, so if you enjoy mixed golf, there's plenty to look forward to. Look out for the sign up sheet with full details on the Social Noticeboard. 
Our full calendar of Mixed Social Golf Events for 2019 is below, so do come and join in the fun and competition. 
Phil Fires on All Cylinders on New Year's Day 2019 
New Year's Day Early Risers! 
New Years Day 2019 dawned bright and sunny resulting in a turnout of 7 for the Social Golf Session. Playing in 2 groups, a shortened 13 hole game was agreed to take into account aching limbs and jaded spirits from the previous night’s festivities. 
Some surprisingly good scores were helped by drier conditions, some accommodating greens and glorious sunshine throughout the morning to wake us all up. 
The results were as follows: 
1st - Phil Anderson, 29 points 
2nd - Ding Davis, 26 points (cb) 
Our New Year's Day Winners 
Well done to all those who made it out so early! 
Stagsden Trophy Supremacy for Seb 
Over 100 members took part in the Stagsden Trophy, which was played over two days last weekend and celebrates the Club's opening in Stagsden in September 2000. 
As ever, there was a really competitive feel about what is an important event in the Club's calendar and conditions over the two days varied to make things even more interesting. To show how tough things were for the field, only 4 players managed to score below their handicap and none of these were by more than a couple of points. 
As so often happens with these big event, the best players rise to the challenge, as this year's Stagsden Trophy was no different. The four players worthy of a special mention are as follows: 
in 4th with 38 points (c/b) was BGC Board Chairman, Steve Coppock 
in 3rd also with 38 (c/b) was Club Captain Jim Godfrey 
in 2nd, also with 38 (c/b) was Jason Hannon 
but the overall winner, also with 38 (c/b) and playing off scratch was our Club Champion, Seb Lovell.  
Well done to Seb and all the others in the placings for such impressive performances 
Stagsden Trophy Winner - Seb Lovell 
President's Day - all the winners 
On another glorious summer morning, President's Day was attended by nearly 100 members - all there to fight for top spot, in each of the Member sections. 
In the men's competition, there were some excellent scores with: 
in 3rd place on 41 points, Mike Lovell 
in 2nd place on 42 points, Simon Fardell 
and the overall winner with 43, Mark Jarmin 
Nearest the Pin was Adrian Wareing 
The Men's top 3 & Nearest the Pin winners 
For the ladies: 
3rd place with 34 points was Jane Anderson 
in 2nd with 35 points was Sheila Fairey 
and the overall winner with no fewer than 39 points was the much in-form, Sue Marsh 
Nearest the line was Hilary Denny 
The Ladies top 3 & Nearest the Line winners 
In the over 70's competition: 
3rd with 37 points was Peter Hancock 
2nd with 38 was Dave Longmuir 
and the winner with a tremendous 42 points was Ray Farman 
The Over 70's top 3 
To cap it all, Mark Lewin scored a hole-in-one on the 9th and somehow, instead of the usual penalty at the bar, he managed to secure a prize for the privilege. Well done to him 
Hole-in-One on 9 - Mark Lewin 
Our grateful thanks go to President Roger for his generosity to the members and his excellent oversight of the event. 
Festival Weekend Competitions - who won what? 
In the seemingly endless sunny conditions of summer 2018, our 7th Festival Weekend was another great success. 
On Friday the men’s Festival Trophy was well supported and was won by Mark Lewin with 41 points. The ladies Pauline Sampson Trophy was won by Brenda Beard with 40 points. 
Saturday’s Festival Fours with 20 spot prizes and pairs and team prizes was, as ever, keenly fought with some impressive scores resulting. The winning men’s BetterBall pair was Glen Anderson & Adrian Sampson with a magnificent score of 50! The winning men’s team was Steve Coppock, John Haines, Mark Tebbutt & Colin Beard with 52. (see photo) 
The winning ladies better-ball was Sue Cribb & Sue Marsh with 40 points. (see photo) 
The ladies team prize was won by Dot Moroney, Barbara Talboys, Linda Lewington & Wendy White with 43. (see photo) 
Finally, Sunday’s KVP Salver saw another triumph for Joe Nellis scoring 41. (see photo) 
Men's Team Winners 
Ladies Betterball Winner Sue & Sue 
Ladies Team Winners 
KVP Salvers Winner Joe 
David joins the ranks after an excellent performance in the Lord Lieutenant's Trophy 
As an idyllic summer Sunday morning dawned cloud and wind free, 85 bleary eyed competitors gathered for the 7:45am shot-gun start of the annual Lord Lieutenant's Trophy. Waking everyone up with a bang however was Helen Nellis, who launched the rocket to start play. 
The course was in its usual excellent but challenging condition, with the greens ironed so the ball sped through as if on a glass table, whilst the deep rough was left very deep indeed! A few rather wayward individuals apparently spent longer searching for their ball than actually playing with it. 
Nevertheless, the time came for a new champion to be crowned and whilst a well known member of the men secured victory, a lady found herself in the top 3, missing the coveted prize by one point. 
The final results were as follows: 
1st - David Donnelly, 36 points (cb) 
2nd - Raymond Farman, 36 points 
3rd - Sue Marsh, 35 points 
4th - Nigel Fordham, 34 points 
In the photos, David can be seen being 'knighted' by our very own Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire and Sue got the chance to hold the coveted sword. 
Post presentation, a World Cup lunch was served whilst watching England emerge victorious against Panama with an amazing 6-1 win. 
Our thanks to Helen for all her support - ensuring the Lord Lieutenant's Trophy is such a great event 
Not sure he's taking this seriously enough! 
Best lady - Sue Marsh. 
Lighting the shot-gun rocket 
A kiss from the Lord Lieutenant 
Mid-Week Men's Summer Competition 
This competition which is open to full members starts on Wednesday evening the first week in July and runs for 8 weeks, with the final on the ninth week. 
The competition was set up by Tony Williams and Keith Burgess eleven years ago, and is open to full adult members. The idea was to play a game after work, so a 15 hole round seemed ideal teeing off between 4pm and 5.30pm, followed by social time in the bar and bit of banter! 
Each week the winner and runner up pocket some winnings- all the other monies in excess of weekly winnings provide the final prize money. Finalists are those who have been the eight weekly winners, and the player with the highest score who has not been a winner, making a total of nine to contest the final. 
The numbers have increased year on year, and on one Wednesday last year we had 43 entrants. 
Over the years it’s amazing how many different members have contested the final and how the nerves have got to them, when playing for the first prize of £150, down to £25 for fifth (cash in hand) 
Hope to see all our loyal supporters return again this year, and we look forward to seeing new members joining the fray. 
For further information see the notice board, or speak to Keith or Tony who will be happy to help you. 
BGC Pre-Christmas Pro-Am - A Very Close Contest 
Five teams, each comprising one Golf Professional and three Club Members, competed for the honour of becoming the 2017 BGC Pro-Am Winners. It may well have been a fun Pre-Christmas social event, but it was clearly taken very seriously by most as after 18 hard fought holes, the scores for four of the five teams had only one point separating them! 
Results were as follows: 
in 5th place with 88 points - Denise Hastings, Sally Shayler, Margaret Seabrook and Anne Harris 
in 4th place with 93 points - Richard Banks, John Haines, Andy Brown and Les Sharman 
in 3rd place with 94 points - Richard Kemp, Roger Willis, Jim Godfrey and Clive Haywood 
in 2nd place with 94 points - Geraint Dixon, Colin Beard, Gerald Bygraves and Joe Bygraves 
the winners with 94 points - Steve Connolly, Steve Gilder, Kevin Dunbar and Steve Coppock 
Best Gross Score was by Richard Kemp who went round in Gross 67 - very impressive indeed. 
The fun occasion was rounded off with a bowl of Adriana's very tasty Goulash and few glasses of festive cheer to accompany it. A fun time had by all. 
Well done to the winning team and of course Richard for his great round of golf. 
The winning team 
Individual winner Richard Kemp, counting his pile of cash! 
The runner's-up (on count-back) team 
The ladies team 
Richard's team - losing on count-back 
Richard Bank's team -  
clearly had a few by this time! 
Winner Andy Lancaster with Bryan and John Jappy 
John Jappy (Senior) Boxing Day Challenge 
Around 40 BGC Members were out early on Boxing Day to burn off some of those Christmas Day calories (and dare we suggest to clear a few sore heads) by taking part in the John Jappy (Snr) Boxing Day Challenge. 
The competition is arranged by John and Bryan Jappy - in memory of very long standing member John Jappy Snr. It is open to all categories of membership and seen as a very inclusive Post-Christmas event at Stagsden. The conditions were unseasonaly mild and some of the better golfers made the most of this to put in good scores. 
The top 3 all scored 38 points, on countback: 
in 3rd with an impressive Gross 68 was Seb Lovell 
in 2nd was Keith Burgess 
but this year's winner was Andy Lancaster (see photo) 
Due to everyone’s generosity, the raffle on the day raised £425 for the Captain's Charity which this year is Bedford Samaritans. 
Well done to all who came out and took part. 
B.O.G.S. Christmas Competition and Lunch - 9th December. 
The Annual B.O.G.S Christmas competition and lunch took place on Saturday 9th December. 43 Members of the B.O.G.S. along with 7 guests, including club President Roger Willis, current club captain John Simpson and Head Professional Geraint Dixon, assembled in the clubhouse at 7.30am on what was a glorious sunny but somewhat frosty morning. Competitors were treated to a pre round warm up of coffee and whiskey shots and the usual early banter and speculation of the days potential winners. 
Although the course was in great condition a heavy frost overnight made approach play very interesting around and on to the greens. However, the early morning sun, thoughts of a full roast dinner and a number of potential chances to win one of the various competitions kept the spirits up and a great mornings golf was had by all. 
Winners of the various competitions on the day presented by B.O.G.S captain John Farnworth and club President Roger Willis were as follows: 
Best Team (Pictured with winners wine selection): John Gubb, Brian Allen, Mark Johnson, Ted Hall 
Individual Winter Champion (Pictured with winners putter): Ted Hall 
Best Front Nine: Richard Harris 
Best Back Nine: Huw Foulkes 
Best Guest performance: John Gubb 
Nearest the Pin on the 6th: Peter Gill 
Longest drive on 18th: Geraint Dixon 
Also up for grabs was the coveted overall B.O.G.S champion for 2017 which is based on the combined individual score from the summer and winter competitions. Several B.O.G.S were in the running for this title but after much anticipation it was Tony Marsh, pictured with the B.O.G.S champion jug, who was crowned with the 2017 title. 
The final trophy of the day was a new annual award introduced to reflect everything that is great about the spirit and camaraderie that exists in the B.O.G.S and was presented for great company, good humour and progress towards faster play around the course. There was no doubt that the first winner of this trophy, Peter Gill, was a worthy winner. 
All agreed that the day’s event had been a very enjoyable end to the B.O.G.S season. 
Team Winners with prizes 
Individual Champion Ted hall 
Overall 2017 - BOGS Champion - Tony Marsh 
End of Season (Representative) Competition - Saturday 4th November 
On Saturday, 40 members gathered in the bar at 11.00am and watched the end of the morning monsoon blow through before setting out in teams of 4 to contest the End Of Season “best two of four” team Stableford competition. 
The competition was open to anyone who had represented the Club in an inter-club match during 2017. We play in an amazing number of matches through the year across a diverse range of sections including; Ladies Scratch, Ladies Shield, Ladies Seniors Seniors, Seniors Scratch, Men’s Winter Scratch, A & B Summer Scratch, Mid-handicap, Men's and Mixed. In total 80+ matches were played and approx 150 different members represented our Club, some on many, many occasions across a range of formats. 
Spot Prize results on Saturday were: 
Ladies Nearest The Pin at 6th - Noreen Tattam 
Ladies Longest Drive at 12th - Chin Fern Griffiths 
Men's Nearest The Pin at 6th - Phil Powell 
Men's Longest Drive at 12th - Mick Keens 
In the team event: 
3 Teams tied 2nd place on 78 points, but on count back the prizes went to Sheila Fairey, Barry Sullivan, Roger Dilley and Mick Keens. 
In 1st place with 80 points were Noreen Tattam, Steve Coppock, Adrian Lennox-Lamb and Pat Moriarty (pictured) 
The Winning Team - with bubbly! 
Annual BOGS v BLOGS match - Saturday 28th October 
Saturday saw the annual BOGS (Captained by John Farnworth) v BLOGS (Captained by Anne Harris) 4BBB match, with all pairings fighting it out to the very end to see who would claim the honour of holding aloft the Lavatory Trophy! 
A chilly, windy morning greeted the assembled and some might say brave golfers, just as the dawn was breaking. Muted voices discussed team tactics for this 'serious' match and the honour of winning the 'Lavatory Trophy'. The question being pondered was, ‘Would the ladies retain the trophy and in doing so it remain resplendent with its floral decoration above the bar for another year’? 
The foursomes set forth with determination and resolve. Some fantastic play from the ladies pushed the chaps to their limits and some superb scores resulted in surprise victories for many ladies pairs. The results were added up whilst the participants warmed themselves with a hearty lunch of homemade soup and with bated breath, John read the results. 
The BOGS were declared the 2017 winners by 21 holes to the BLOGS 18 holes, so the floral tributes were ritually removed from the trophy, and its lid conveniently raised in salute to the chaps! The ladies should however, take heart, as if the 2 groups of 'faux females' were excluded, the score would have been BLOGS 17 to BOGS 15. On to 2018...... 
John 'bowled' over to receive the trophy from BLOGS Captain Anne!  
Sorting out the floral arrangement!  
The Staff vs. The Officers 
Last Wednesday saw the first Staff vs Officers match where members of staff from the Pro-Shop, the greenkeepers & clubhouse, captained by Santino took on member’s from the Committee and Board, captained by John Simpson. In the first of what will become an annual event, no fewer than 14 in each team fought for the honour of securing the initial 'winners' engraving on a brand new trophy. 
With strong winds and heavy showers, it was a very tough day for all the players. In the end though, the staff prevailed, with our very own Richard (nerves of steel) Banks, holing a 10 foot putt on their last hole to win their match and secure the trophy. 
The two teams 
A very happy Santino 
takes the trophy for The Staff 
Everyone agreed that it was a great event, with members from both sides who didn’t even play turning up to show their support. After the golf, the club put on a fantastic BBQ which was enjoyed by everyone. 
Celebrating as you might expect the winning captain to! 
So - One-Nil to The Staff... 
...better luck to The Officers in 2018! 
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