Ladies Competitions & Winners 

Ladies Club Championship 2021 
A fabulous sunny day for the ladies championship, although it was probably too hot for the brave ladies playing 36 holes. 
Well done to Sally retaining her Club Champion position. 
It was lovely to have Jean Savill and Sam Turnbull there to present the winners with their trophies. 
Hospital Cup, 17th August 2021 
This was a super happy day with sixty four ladies from BGC and Beds & County taking part in the annual fund-raising 4BBB for Bedford Hospital. The volunteers did a great job welcoming the visitors, whom we haven't seen for two years. Afterwards we all gathered in the Biddenham Suite to a cup of tea or coffee kindly donated by the Club and cakes supplied by our many talented bakers. Jayne Stringer's golf course cake was particularly striking, and was auctioned off, raising an excellent £40 for the Hospital. A total of £550 was raised for Bedford Hospital. 
Ladies Captain's Day 
Short game success for Suzie 
Greens restoration week can mean only one thing to the Ladies’ Section: time for the short game teaser! Repair to the Academy Course for an intense, if brief, session of trying hard to be accurate. For those of us brought up on the wide open prairies of the main course, this is a real challenge. There may be no bunkers on the Par 3, but the proximity of the rough concentrates the mind wonderfully. 
In the event, it was close at the top, with four people vying for first place, but it was new member, Suzie Rawlinson, who triumphed with a great score of 24 points. The next three places were taken, respectively, by Debbie Walker, Edna Turner and Annie Ashdown, who all scored a very creditable 23 points. 
Well done ladies, for daring to publicly exhibit your short game skills… and now back to the main course (thank goodness). 
Newcomer Carol Wins Through 
Wow what a fine start to Carol's time at the club. Whilst only a small field this week, she still came through with the best score on her first game out with the BELLES on Saturday.  
Congratulations to Carol and let's hope this is the first of many successes at her new club. 
1st - Carol Pennington - 30 pts 
2nd - Anne Foulkes - 29 pts 
3rd - Chin Fern Griffiths - 27 pts  
Previous Ladies Competition Winners Are Shown Below 
18 Holes means Spring is in the Air (for some) - 
3rd March 2020 
It might be the meterological Spring but winter was clinging on with its code red status. Neverthless, 12 ladies braved the carry only conditions to set out for the first 18 hole comp of the 2020 season. Everyone was eased in as it was a foursomes stableford; scores were very mixed but Edna & Judi teamed up to produce the best score of the day with 26 points. 
Here is Edna resplendant amongst her daffoldils near the 6th tee & Judi near by. Very well done to them & next time the qualifiers start. Let's watch those handicaps start to change! 
Winning Edna amongst her daffodils 
Triumphant Toni Wins - 25th February 2020 
Very well done to Toni Miller for winning the Ladies Competition this week. 
With so much rain having fallen the course was very wet underfoot again, sunshine and showers on competition day.  
Despite weeks of carrying our bags, the number of ladies competing this week rose again and we look forward drier and warmer weather to increase numbers yet again. 
Course conditions were challenging and this was reflected in a range of scores from 18 down to 5 points from the 10 holes played, with no twos recorded this week. 
The best scores were as follows: 
Overall Winner: Toni Miller 18PTS (20) 
Overall Runner-Up: Anne Foulkes 16PTS (24) 
Overall Third: Margaret Seabrook 16PTS (08) 
Once again, congratulations to our top three - Toni, Anne and Margaret. Let's hope the weather knows it's the start of the golf season very soon! 
Debbie Dodges The Elements to Win - 11th February 2020 
Big congratulations to Debbie, for her victory in the Ladies 9 Hole Stableford Competition. 
The wind chill made it very cold with blustery winds from the very first tee! Only five Ladies played following our highly successful Tibbs Dementia Coffee Morning. So a special mention to all five competitors Anne, Debbie, Nicki, Sue and Hilary. Clearly, the most hardy amongst us... 
The best scores were as follows: 
Overall Winner: Debbie Walker 16PTS (36) 
Overall Runner-Up: Nicki Reynolds 12PTS (18) 
Overall Third: Sue Marsh 11PTS (28) 
Great performance Debbie and well done also to Nicki and Sue for making it onto the podium. 
Ladies Stableford, 13 Hole Fun Competition - 4th February 2020 
For this competition there were double points for all Par 3 and Par 5 holes. And our winners were... Sally, Helen and Nicki! Congratulations and well done Ladies. Improving weather is helping the course to start drying out, leaving it code blue (trolleys with winter wheels) on competition day. 
The best scores were as follows: 
Overall Winner: Sally Shayler 32PTS (00) 
Overall Runner-Up: Helen Westwell 30PTS (20) 
Overall Third: Nicki Reynolds 28PTS (18) 
Dot's Dash To Victory, 13 Hole Competition - 28th January 2020 
Congratulations to Dot, Judi and Sally - this week's winners! 
Whilst the course conditions continue to be challenging, it was a beautifully sunny day (in the most part), although the cold wind ensured that everyone kept wrapped up. 
A total of 20 Ladies participated in this competition with a range of scores from 23 to 9. No twos were recorded. Further information on individual scores can be found on the Master Scoreboard. 
Well done to those who fared best including: 
Winner: Dot Moroney 23 PTS (18) 
Runner-Up: Judi Monico 21 PTS (20) 
Third: Sally Shayler 20 PTS (00) 
Ladies Stableford, 13 Hole Fun Competition - 21st January 2020 
Our warm congratulations to Mary, Toni and Judi - this weeks winners! Weather and course conditions continue to be challenging. Very wet under foot. The whole course was open on competition day. 
A total of 18 Ladies participated in this competition with a range of scores from 25 to 13. No twos were recorded. Further information on individual scores can be found on the Master Scoreboard. 
The best scores were as follows: 
Overall Winner: Mary Mills 25 PTS (38) 
Overall Runner-Up: Toni Miller 22 PTS (20) 
Overall Third: Judi Monico 22 PTS (20) 
Ladies Stableford, 10 Hole Fun Competition - 14th January 2020 
Well done to Helen, Sue and Susan - this weeks winners! Weather and course conditions continue to be challenging. Flooding has caused particular problems along with very high winds. Holes 11, 12 and 13 were closed on competition day. 
A total of 12 Ladies participated in this competition with a range of scores from 17 to 6. No twos were recorded. Further information on individual scores can be found on the Master Scoreboard. 
The best scores were as follows: 
Overall Winner: Helen Nellis 17 PTS (25) 
Overall Runner-Up: Susan Cribb 15 PTS (20) 
Overall Third: Susan Regan 14 PTS (33) 
Ladies Stableford, 13Hole Fun Competition - 7th January 2020 
Congratulations to Sheila, Dot and Elna, who were our first competition winners for 2020. 
The very wet playing conditions were challenging for everyone who played on both Saturday and Tuesday. Course conditions were not straight forward with code red (carrying) on Saturday; code blue (trolleys with winter wheels) on Tuesday. Although the benefit of using a trolley on Tuesday was off-set by the windy weather. For those interested, our winners this week played on a Tuesday. 
The total number of Ladies participating in the competition was 17, with scores ranging from 13-23. No two were recorded. Further information on individual scores can be found on the Master Scoreboard. 
The best scores were as follows: 
Overall Winner: Sheila Fairey 23 PTS (25) 
Runner-Up: Dot Moroney 21 PTS (18) 
Third: Elna Ball 20 PTS (28). 
Winner, Sheila Fairey 
Runner-up, Dot Moroney 
End of year Christmas Celebrations - December 2019 
As the darker days of winter set in and the remainder of 2019 draws to a close, it is time to brighten everyone up with our 13 hole Christmas Competition and dinner. Well it was certainly a competition of mixed fortunes in terms of playing days with the Saturday BELLES by far enjoying brighter weather and preferable course conditions this time. Many of the Tuesday ladies didn't get to play due to a very soggy course, strong gales and rain but some hardy souls managed to get out in the morning. For the rest of us, it was a social chit chat in the lounge before the Christmas dinner on Friday evening. 
The club lounge was resplendent with decorations. The tables were festooned with a red Christmas theme and centre pieces made by Annie Ashdown and the sounds of clinking glasses as much wine was consumed along with an excellent dinner prepared by Debbie and her team. A Heads & Tails game plus an alternative rendition of a favourite Christmas carol by Rosemary set the scene for a very pleasant evening. The prizes were awarded, the Saturday players triumphant this week but special mention to Anne Foulkes who played in atrocious conditions to sneak in a 3rd place podium finish. What a lovely round off to our year. Merry Christmas everyone! 
1st - Sue Marsh, 23 pts 
2nd - Elna Ball, 22 pts 
3rd - Anne Foulkes, 16 pts 
Nearest the Pin - Nicki Reynolds 
Nearest the Line - Annie Ashdown 
Best Front 9 - Maureen Dawson 
Our Christmas Winners 
2019 Committee 
A Shambles it Wasn't for These Three! 
The 13 hole season continued with another fun competition in the form of a Shambles. Teams of three all drove off, selected the best ball and then all three played on until the ball was holed on the green.  
Some players managed some exceptional scores with Jo Matthews holing for a 5 pointer to help her team to victory. The competition also saw one of our new ladies, Myra securing her first placement in the top 3; well done to all. 
1st, Dot Moroney, Sam Turnbull & Jo Matthews - 71 points 
2nd, Carol Farnworth, Judi Monico & Margaret Seabrook - 65 points (cb) 
3rd, Sue Senior, Janet Broomhall & Myra Tysoe - 65 points 
Shambles Winning Team 
666 Fun Stableford - Nicki & Jo Clinch on Countback - November 2019 
A new format, fun game played in pairs for all this week and most popular it proved to be too! 
Pairings were chosen & an interesting card to complete for this 18 hole event split into 6 Four BBB, 6 Greensomes & 6 Foursomes holes. What great fun it proved to be, a format sure to be repeated in the future. 
It was a little soggy underfoot, balls going splat & refusing to run. Nicki & Jo aiming for one better than last week just managed to pip Jane and Chin Fern to take victory with their back nine comeback on countback. Could be a pairing to watch out for in the future, we think. 
1st, Jo Matthews & Nicki Reynolds - 33 points (cb) 
2nd, Jane Anderson & Chin Fern Griffiths - 33 points 
3rd, Mandy Mayes & Janet Broomhall - 31 points 

The Winners' Group 

In-Form Dot Does it Again - November 2019 
A very select bunch took to an eerily still and chilly course on Tuesday for the Ladies Greensome Stableford. Fortunately, for those who prefer not to carry, it was code blue so trolleys could take the strain. 
In a tightly fought competition it was close at the end, but Dot Moroney, who won all on her own last week, this time partnered Ladies Captain, Hilary Denny and together, they just managed to pip a pack of four pairings all tied on 28pts. 
The final results therefore saw: 
Dot Moroney & Hilary Denny winning with 30pts 
In 2nd place on countback were Nicki Reynolds & Jo Matthews 28pts 
in 3rd, Carol Farnworth and Heather Houchin, also on 28pts 
Well done to our winners and I suppose the question has to be asked. With Dot having been a winner in 3 of the last 5 weekly competitions, will she make it a hat-trick next time out? 
The winners and runner's-up 
President's Putter Delight for Dot - November 2019 
Having been postponed from the beginning of October, the Ladies President's Putter competition was finally completed on a very windy day in Mid-November. Fortunately, the expected rain was limited to more of a drizzle, but this, coupled with the wind still made it hard work for all concerned. 
The best results were as follows: 
1st Dot Moroney 32 pts (CB) 
2nd Judi Monico 32 pts 
3rd Helen Nellis 28 pts 
President, Joe Nellis was unavoidably delayed, so it was very helpful that Helen Nellis was available to take over the honours, handing out the prizes - including her own third! Helen also presented the historic putter to Dot who produced a very creditable score of 32 points, as did Judi whom she beat on countback. 
Winner Dot with Helen 
The top three with Ladies Captain Hilary 
A Ladies Stableford took place on 29th October, on a cold, misty, murky morning, but conditions didn't put our ladies off and twenty two of them took part in the competition. The top three scores were as follows: 
1st - Margaret Seabrook, 32 points 
2nd - Anne Harris, 30 points 
3rd - Helen Nellis, 29 points 
Well done Ladies. 
Still smiling, despite the weather! 
Tyley Cup 5th November 2019 
The annual match between 'The Handicap Secretary', Barbara Talboys and 'The Treasurer', Sue Marsh was played last week in the sort of weather we've unfortunately had to get used to in the last few weeks. Despite the rain, the course was in a excellent condition considering the soggy conditions and thirty one ladies took part in this foursomes teams event. 
Some very welcome, piping hot soup and a roll was ready for all in the bar whilst they awaited the results, which the Treasurer’s team won with 5.5 to 2.5. 
Sue and her winners with the cup 
Congratulations to Sue and her team. 
Late October Round Up 
As our season fades into the late Autumn, it's time for some light hearted fun competitions to try to brighten our spirits as the days shorten and the temperatures drop. First up was the ever popular 3 Clubs & a Putter, with double points up for grabs on the Par 3 holes. Hilary secured a win with a magnificent 41 points, putting most of the field to shame. 
Second up was a straight forward Stableford competition, seems ages since we had one of those. On this occasion, Margaret Seabrook took the win with 32 points in a relatively low scoring contest. Clearly the heavy rain, soggy conditions and lack of ball roll taking its toll on most of the field; but not Margaret showing her low handicap expertise. 
Pictured opposite in this weeks gallery are our 2 winners, Hilary and Margaret.  
Congratulations to them both! 
Senior Ladies Rose Bowl - 18 October 2019 
It was the culmination of the Senior Ladies season, playing for the lovely Rose Bowl Trophy. 16 ladies gathered, for once in dry conditions and managed to get their rounds played before the afternoon deluge arrived. Charlotte excelled with a good score to take the trophy and earn herself a handicap cut towards the end of the season. Well done to her and all who played.  
1st - Charlotte Walsh, 33 points 
2nd - Susan Regan, 30 points 
3rd - Nikki Reynolds, 28 points  
The Grannies Cup - or was it the 'Not The Grannies' Cup! 5 & 8 October 
This competition produced some excellent scores over the two days and saw a new competition winner for the ladies section, but as she's not a Granny, she can't have the trophy. The second place lady also isn't a Granny so it had to drop to the 3rd placed lady to take the silverware this week. 
Significant handicap cuts for our first and second placed ladies, so big congratulations to them. 
1st - Joanne Matthews, 38 pts 
2nd - Sue Glover, 35 pts 
3rd & trophy winner - Dot Moroney, 30 points 
Winning Scorer 
Trophy Winner 
The Charity Cup - 17 September 2019 
Autumn might be starting to show its colours, but summer was still clinging on with beautifully mild and sunny days for this weeks competition, played alongside the England Golf Medal. All entry fees for this trophy are donated to the Lady Captains Charity, The Bedford Sea Cadets  
The scores were good reflecting the extraordinarily dry and calm conditions with a number of ladies earning themselves good cuts as we move towards the twilight of our qualifying season.  
Overall Results & Trophy Winner 
1st - Judi Monico, Nett 70 
2nd - Sue Glover, Nett 72 
3rd - Sam Turnbull, Nett 73 (cb) 
Saturday Medal Winner 
Elna Ball, Nett 72 
Winning Lady - Judi 
Daily Mail Foursomes - September 2019 
This national competition is considered to be one of the greatest amateur golfing events with one pair of men and one pair of ladies going through to qualify for the finals. We held our ladies qualifying round in early September and whilst played in the notoriously difficult format of Foursomes Medal, some good scores came in with Sue and Sam qualifying to go through to represent Bedfordshire GC Ladies. Good luck to them! 
1st - Sam Turnbull & Sue Cribb, Nett 74.5 
2nd - Mandy Mayes & Helen Westwell, Nett 75 
3rd - Tony Miller & Frances Godfrey, Nett 78 (cb)  
The Saturday Trophy - 31 August 2019 
As summer starts to move towards the Autumn season, it means one thing - time to play the Saturday Trophy. This year we introduced a lunchtime start with an afternoon tea trophy presentation to follow which attracted the largest field for this competition for many years. 
It was a lovely golfing day, if a little windy with 8 groups setting forth filling the course with ladies on this late summer Saturday. There were some outstanding performances resulting in 8 handicap cuts most notably for Sue Cribb, Susan Regan and Rosemary Harris. 
Sheila Fairey can be seen presenting the trophy for the second year running to Sue Cribb who earned herself a 2 shot cut. 
1st - Sue Cribb, 39 points 
2nd - Susan Regan, 37 points (cb) 
3rd - Rosemary Harris, 37 points 
The Hospital Cup - 20 August 2019 
The Hospital Cup is a keenly contested friendly competition between ourselves and the ladies from Bedford & County GC. 
This charity event is held annually to raise funds for Bedford Hospital and this year was hosted by our friends down the road in Clapham. 
The course played very well for the home side with some good performances resulting in this year Bedford & County taking the trophy back from us with a score of 382 holes to 318. 
A fundraising tea of cakes & a raffle raised just under £200. 
Members Meeting Day, 23 July 2019 
The Members Day is to celebrate all ladies in our section with 2 enjoyable rounds of golf, followed by a prize giving dinner in the evening. We play an 18 hole medal in the morning for the Shelagh Hughes trophy, then in the afternoon a fun greensomes is played. We like to ensure that all ladies in our section can find an event and time to play that suits them.  
The weather was exceptionally warm, being the start of the spell of record breaking temperatures. Accordingly the afternoon session was reduced to 9 holes only. A wide cross section of ladies were amongst the prize winners, all of whom received their prizes at the evening's dinner in the Clubhouse. Congratulations to all of our winners, but especially to Toni who earned herself a handicap cut. 
Shelagh Hughes Trophy 
1st - Toni MIller, Nett 71  
2nd - Sue Bailey, Nett 73  
3rd - Helen Nellis, Nett 74  
Greensomes (9 hole) 
1st - Judi Monico & Brenda Beard, 16 pts (cb) 
2nd- Maureen Dawson & Paddy Richardson, 16 pts 
3rd - Helen Nellis & Charlotte Walsh, 15 pts (cb) 
Nearest the pin on the 6th, Chin Fern Griffiths 
Straightest Drive on the 12th, Helen Westwell 
Putting, Anne Foulkes - 29 putts 
Our Trophy Winner 
2nd Place 
Ford Trophy - !6 & 20 July 2019 
Another new winner this week as the competition was played the opposite way round, with the Tuesday ladies having first shot at the prize. A larger field of 35 ladies was playing for a £100 voucher donated by Miss Designer Golf to spend.  
What a result we had with one lady blasting the rest of the field into oblivion to earn herself a 3 shot cut, a lovely trophy and the Miss DG prize. This was the highest ladies score this season and will take some beating. 
1st - Helen Westwell, 41 points (wow) 
2nd - Sue Cribb, 34 points 
3rd - Charlotte Walsh, 33 points 
The Beale Bowl - 2 July 2019 
Gorgeous summer weather welcomed the ladies on the 2 days this lovely trophy was played. The course was resplendent bringing out some fine scores and performances.  
One lady excelled the field with a magnificent 38 points, earning herself a handicap cut of 2 shots ensuring another new name on a trophy and continuing the 2019 trend of sharing out our silverware. 
1st - Janet Broomhall, 38 points 
2nd - Sue Marsh, 34 points 
3rd - Heather Houchin, 32 points  
Sally Leaves Them 'Scratching' Their Heads in Amazement - 2nd July 
The Jubilee Bowl was first presented in 1955 and is a non-qualifying “Flag” medal competition. The somewhat unusual format is to add your full handicap (max 35) to the SSS of the course (e.g. 17 +73 = 90), and play down from this figure until all strokes are used up (the tip of the day was to keep a running total). Once you've used up all your shots, you pop the flag in where you finish – unless of course another player has already put it in ahead of you! 
For most of us, playing a medal round under your handicap is challenging enough already, so imaging having to do it in no more than the course SSS (for ladies 73). Well that's what Sally Shayler needed to do to win this competition and a jubilant Sally used her last available shot to putt her ball into the hole on the 18th, playing a round exactly to her 'Scratch' (0) handicap that most of us would consider a dream. She was followed very closely by Sue Cribb who was left with just an 80cm putt remaining – yes a tape measure was used. Well played ladies! 
Winner, Sally Shayler 
Ladies Championship Day – 4 June 2019 
The Ladies Championship Day dawned bright and sunny but did the weather remain kind later in the day? The course was in superb condition and we thank Andy Brown, our Club Captain for starting the days proceedings at 8:45am. 
Some of those taking part are pictured with Andy below before teeing off. 
Tony, Dot Sam & Barbara 
Helen, Sue & Hilary 
A number of competitions are played for on our Championship Day. The main event is the 36 Hole Medal Competition, where the best combined gross score over 2 rounds determines the Ladies Club Champion for the year. 
In addition the ladies who elect to play 36 holes, also compete for the Savill Salver best Nett result in both Silver and Bronze Divisions. 
Ladies also compete for the Millennium Trophy which is awarded to the lady with the best Nett score over 18 holes. This ensures all ladies have an opportunity to compete on our Championship Day whether over 36 or 18 holes. 
The Trophy Table 
The afternoon round players were met with rather inclement weather at times but undeterred, everyone played on with drinks waiting in the Club House courtesy of Andy on their return. A lovely meal was enjoyed in the sunny dining room. Thanks go to Sue Marsh for her beautiful floral table decorations. 
Sally teeing off 
Sally put in an admirable couple of rounds to emerge as winner and retain her trophy. Thank you to Andy Brown & Jean Savill for presenting the trophies at the end of the evening meal. 
Winner & Runner-Up with The Captain 
The Results 
Ladies Championship 
1st Sally Shayler, 144 gross 
2nd Margaret Seabrook, 168 gross 
Savill Salver, Silver Division 
1st Barbara Talboys, 153 nett 
2nd Margaret Seabrook, 154 nett 
Savill Salver, Bronze Division 
1st Sue Cribb, 157 nett 
2nd Hilary Denny, 158 nett 
Millennium Trophy 
1st Sam Turnbull, 73 nett 
2nd Hilary Denny, 75 nett 
Ladies 2019 Championships - The Winners 
The Adams Trophy Day - 14 May 2019 
We know the season is well under way when we reach the Adams Competition Day. Three trophies are played for; the Adams Trophy & Adams Cup over 18 holes and the Adams Salver over 9 holes for the Senior Ladies. All ladies therefore have an opportunity to win a trophy within their handicap division.  
It was a lovely early summer day and the course looked resplendent in the sunshine for our games. The greens were fast, catching a few out but who came through to clinch their trophy in a close fought battle?  
Adams Trophy (Silver) 
1st - Margaret Seabrook, Nett 75 (cb) 
2nd - Toni MIller, Nett 75 
3rd - Sam Turnbull, Nett 78 
Adams Cup - (Bronze) 
1st - Helen Nellis, Nett 74 (cb) 
2nd - Hilary Denny, Nett 74  
3rd - Jane Anderson, Nett 76 
Adams Salver - (9 Hole Senior Ladies) 
1st - Edna Turner, Nett 36 
2nd - Maureen Dawson, Nett 38 (cb) 
3rd - Paddy Richardson, Nett 38  
Trophy Winner 
Cup Winner 
Salver Winner 
The Adams Dinner 
In the evening we met for a lovely sea bass dinner followed by the presentation of the prizes and a talk given by Ruth Bell, MBE, JP DL. The tables were beautifully decorated with a floral pink theme in tribute to Pat Adams and Beth Hawkins, her daughter who founded the Adams event. 
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