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A Warm Welcome for Tibbs Dementia Foundation - 11th February, 2020 
Congratualtions to Jane and the Ladies Sections for a successful and highly enjoyable Tibbs Dementia Coffee Morning, held at the club last week. This was the formal presentation of Jane's chosen charity for 2020 to the Ladies Section. The event was very well attended with plenty organised to keep everyone occupied on the day. There was a tombola, a raffle and a bake sale along with tea, coffee and cake served in the Members Lounge. And we had a winning guess of 181 sweeties on Sally's cake (which actually had 182 sweets). The winner kindly donated the cake to Tibbs Dementia for auction later on the same day. 
Representatives from Tibbs Dementia, Bedford included CEO Sarah Russel (seen in purple), Corporate Fundraise Maria Bellini and her colleague Elva. Jane introduced Sarah to say a few words who reflected on the warm welcome her team had received since arriving at the club. Sarah told us about the work and support delivered by Tibbs Dementia for those suffering from Dementia and family carers. Activities offered in their weekly timetable include Music 4 Memory, Indoor Bowls, Walking Football, Armchair Yoga, Cognitive Stimulation (early stages), Swimming, Allotment Group and so much more. Further information about the work delivered by this worthy cause can be found at For those interested Tibbs Dementia can be contacted by telephone on 01234 210993/07970 666711 or email 
By the end of the day we had raised £364.15 for Tibbs. When added to the Captains Drive-in the current running total is already £456.65! Pat on the back Ladies, it was a wonderful event because of the wonderful spirit in which everyone attended and contributed. 
Ladies Section – AGM 14th January, 2020 
The Ladies section AGM took place on Tuesday evening and there was an excellent turnout of Members to see our new Ladies Captain, Jane Anderson taking on the mantle for 2020. 
Once the formal proceedings with reports from the Ladies Committee were completed, the presentation of the trophies of trophies was made. All of our Competition Winners and a selection of individual presentations can be seen in the photos below. 
Our Competition Winners 
Proceedings moved on to election of officers for 2020, for which there were only a few changes including Judi Monico (Past Captain) and Maureen Dawson (Senior Ladies Captain) stepping away from Committee. The only new committee member elected was Susan Reagan as the new Senior Ladies Captain. 
The 2019 Captain, Hilary Denny then summarized what had been achieved for her nominated charity, Bedford Sea Cadets. Having played three rounds of golf on one day to help raise funds which totalled £3320 by the end of the year. A great result. With this money, Bedford Sea Cadets have purchased a state of the art Trinity 500 racing rowing boat. Which will no doubt be the centre of some real fun and hard fitness training for the crews. You can find out more about Bedford Sea Cadets here 
Hilary further reflected on her year highlighting some areas of real innovation for the Ladies Section. 
In April, there was the first ever golf ‘swap’ competition with Brookmans Park in Hertfordshire, playing for some rather fabulous chocolate prizes. There was the flamboyantly decorated buggy for Hilary's’ special Ladies Captains Day (August), followed by a delicious afternoon tea. And there was the enjoyable and most successful new event the Scary Scramble in October. A Halloween extravaganza which was very well attended and the quality of fancy dress was extremely high! 
Another great memory (and first) was the social team Hilary played within at Melton Mowbray, the course where her own Sister-in-Law has also been the Ladies Captain. When asked what Hilary is looking forward to in 2020, Hilary said spending more time with her husband Simon. Hilary was given a great send off by the Ladies Section who appreciated all of her hard work and the great golfing memories she created with them over the year. 
Hilary then formally handed over to Jane Anderson for the New Captains response. 
Jane explained her chosen charity for 2020 will be the Tibbs Dementia Foundation which is based in Bedford. They support local people suffering from Dementia including their families and carers. Tibbs offer a range of services including music therapy, counselling, drop-in centres, and memory stimulation groups. You can find out more about this interesting charity at or you can speak to a Tibbs representatives at Jane's Welcome Coffee Morning on Tuesday 11th February. Please feel free to come along for a chat, even if you are not intending to play on that day. 
For this coming year, Jane's philosophy will be ‘Fun Inclusive Golf’! In practice, this will mean continuing to promote the club as a welcoming and friendly place for women to play golf. And mindful of maintaining a reputation which is considered the best in the local area, Jane said “I hope all members, whatever their playing standard, feel they can participate in any of the events we offer. In particular, I would like to invite all Ladies to be a part of my Ladies Captains Day (Tuesday 11th August) and join our Ladies Away Break on the 23rd and 24th September. Details for which can be found in the Ladies Locker Room.” The first official event for Jane will be the Captains’ Drive-in, on Sunday 26th January. Please feel free to join us to celebrate on the day. 
The meeting came to a close with attendees congratulating Hilary on her successful year and providing a warm welcome to Jane, the new Ladies Captain for 2020. The Ladies Section would like to wish everyone across the club a happy and healthy 2020. We look forward to seeing you all out on the course. 
Outgoing Ladies Captain, Hilary Denny and Incoming Captain, Jane Anderson 
The Kimbolton Cup - October 2019 
You know it's Autumn, when it gets round to the team competitions. This week it was the turn of the Captain versus the Secretary, with teams drawn and paired together to play Foursomes match-play. 
The fairways of just a few weeks ago, where the ball seemed to roll for ever, have long gone. In return, after all the heavy rain of recent weeks, we now have ones which are lush and soft to walk on, but play much longer! Mind you, when they look as great as they do right now, who's complaining? 
As for the golf, this year saw a close-fought contest which went down to the end of the last match. 
Post game, we had a soup lunch in the Clubhouse and everyone had a chance to reflect on their game. So who was the victor this year?  
The Final Result - Secretary 3.5 : Captain 2.5 
Our Autumnal Away Break - September 2019 
A return to Ullesthorpe in Leicestershire for this year's away break which saw 28 of us 'pop up' the M1 for our annual break. We met for a late breakfast of bacon rolls whilst waiting to see our first days playing groups for a waltz around this challenging course.  
Those of us who had visited previously were amused to find the first hole was now 2 holes, whilst the old second hole was now a housing estate. We managed to miss the windows and the gardens and scoot round to the third, where finally the GPS watches kicked in to assist . New players to the course could be heard exclaiming at the top of the railway bridge as they searched for the flag behind a lake and a long drop of scrubland. We gathered for the odd G&T, glass of wine or a beer post game. Some departed for an energetic swim, or perhaps they wanted to get wet again without the burden of waterproofs! One lady also popped back to Milton Keynes to watch her beloved MK Dons play Liverpool in order to capture the atmosphere of the fanatical 'away' fans. She returned in time for breakfast on day 2 - now that's a dedicated supporter. 
In the evening the wine flowed, the day's stories were told, a putting game and quiz were competed for the honour of winning before we retired ahead of the next day's best 2 from 4 game. 
Our Winners 
Thursday dawned a little brighter, if a keen wind but we all managed to stay dry. Did the second trip round the course make for an easier round? For some yes, for others .................. At least today nobody got lost and went the wrong way round the course!!! 
Day 1 - Waltz 
1st - Jane Anderson, Lyn Allen, Chin Fern Griffiths - 66 points 
2nd - Sue Cribb, Linda Lewington, Charlotte Walsh - 65 points 
Longest Drive - Lyn Allen 
Nearest the Pin on the 12th - Anne Foulkes 
Day 2 - Best 2 scores from 4  
1st - Margaret Seabrook, Hilary Denny, Helen Nellis, Charlotte Walsh - 82 points 
2nd - Barbara Talboys, Anne Foulkes, Lyn Allen & (Ghost Player) - 73 points 
Ladies Invitation Day - 10 September 2019 
A colourful array of Bedfordshire ladies and their guests enjoyed a sunny autumn day to play in this annual event, supported by a wonderfully cheerful team of volunteers as welcomers, starters, rafflers, and cake and drink dispensers. 
The half-way hut was a welcome sight full of drinks and home-made energy-giving treats including cakes and even chocolate truffles with donations raised for Hilary’s charity, Bedford Sea Cadets. Over £220 was raised from raffle ticket and cake sales. 
Ladies in the Half Way Hut 
Enjoying the company and refreshments! 
Pairs Results: 
1st with 41 points - Linda Lewington & Mary Arthur 
2nd with 40 points - Anne Harris & Lynda White 
3rd with 38 points - Barbara Talboys & Elaine Miller 
2nd placed Anne & Lynda 
Other Winners: 
Front 9 - 21 pts - Sue Marsh & Jane Bonner 
Back 9 - 21 Pts - Margaret Seabrook & Janice Topham 
Nearest the Pin on 6 - Annette Brooks 
Nearest the Line on 12 - Sheila Fairey 
Sheila & Sue. 
After the golf, a delicious buffet was provided by Debbie and her team, followed by prize-giving of beautiful garden plants and vouchers to the deserving winners.  
Thanks to those who sorted out the results for the 18 4BBB teams and to all our volunteers who made this such a successful day. 
Lady Captain's Day - 13 August 2019 
The sun came out to deliver a warm summers day for Hilary's special day at the Club. With a buggy decorated splendidly with a cricket, nature and animal theme, the scene was set. The ladies were greeted on arrival by Simon, Hilary's husband bearing gifts of Bucks Fizz or for those not wanting to spoil their game, apple or orange juice!  
Ladies set forth in groups of 3 and the sounds of laughter and chat reverberating around the course. Denise hosted a 'beat the pro to the green' challenge on the 6th. There were some astonishing scores and also some less exceptional ones - were we all playing the same course? The double points on the Par 5's and of course the obligatory Mulligan card, which some people forgot to use all contributed to a relaxed afternoons golf.  
Thanks to Hilary for a lovely day & the sun shone too! 
The Winners 
Leading Lady of the Day 
The Results 
The departure of the gale force winds which had been a presence over the previous few days certainly contributed to some amazing scores. 
1st - Helen Nellis, 47 points 
2nd - Jane Anderson, 46 points 
3rd - Sue Marsh, 44 points 
Best Front 9, Maureen Dawson 
Best Back 9, Sue Cribb 
Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 9th, Lynn Allen 
Nearest the Pin on the 13th, Sue Senior 
Nearest the Line on the 11th, Mary Mills  
Post Game Afternoon Tea 
A delicious afternoon tea was served by Debbie & her team; sandwiches, scotch eggs, mini tartlets, sausage rolls, scones, mini victoria sponges, chocolate brownies all washed down with tea and coffee. Nobody was counting the calories! 
County 36 Hole Summer Competition - 10 July 2019 
What a fabulous day we had as our Club hosted the annual summer 36 hole competition. 40 ladies from around the county, participated in a morning 4BBB followed by a quick lunch, then an afternoon foursomes. The course looked fabulous, playing very much to the home clubs' advantage, resulting in a clean sweep of the days' prizes for our ladies.  
A lovely dinner was served in the lounge, followed by prizegiving with Claudine Tate, President BLCGA. 
Overall Winners of the Combined Event 
Sally Shayler & Jenny Prior (B & C) - 71 points 
Winners of Morning 4BBB  
Jane Anderson & Judi Monico - 38 points 
Winners of Afternoon Foursomes 
Sue Cribb & Sam Turnbull - 33 points 
The Winners 
Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire Away Day - 16 April 2019 
A chance conversation at last years Letchworth Salvers led to the first golf swap our ladies section has done with another club. What a superb day out many of us had visiting Brookmans Park in Hertfordshire. A great welcome from their Head Pro who saw us off the tee, much help and assistance where needed from their ladies, a lovely course, good catering and much fun had by all. The balls zipped through the greens which were tricky and very hard to judge resulting in high scores for the Putting Comp which made us all feel better. 
We were playing for a number of chocolate prizes and all eyes were on the Lindt Bunny Egg. Mulligans, jokers, who could score a two, Longest Drives and Nearest the Pin all to play for. Margaret took the prize of the Lindt Bunny Egg much to her travel companions delight. An excellent day out, much hard work put in by our Lady Captain - Hilary, so thank you to her for that. Lets hope we can repeat it another time. 
1st Margaret Seabrook - 35 points 
2nd Toni Miller - 32 points 
3rd Jane Anderson - 29 points (cb) 
Longest Drive - Sally (Nobody got close!) 
Nearest the Pin - Noreen Tattam 
Putts Competition 
1st Dot Moroney - 39 (cb) 
2nd Sue Marsh - 39 
Two's - Noreen Tattam 
Gathering on the First Tee 
Hilary Tees Us Off 
Ladies Coffee Morning - 12 February 2019 
The Lady Captain's coffee morning is one of the most popular events in our calendar and goes some way to brighten up the winter season. This year, the Lady Captain's chosen charity is the Bedford Sea Cadets, some of whom we had the opportunity to meet in their very smart uniforms to hear about the activities they participate in every week. 
The Club Lounge was indeed very busy, with many ladies turning out to support the event. A bottle stall, raffle, cake stall, putting game, guess the sweets on the cake and a jewellery sale all contributed to the first big fund raiser of the year. 
Hilary with the Sea Cadets 
Sea Cadet Display 
Chris Garrett won 'Guess The Sweets on the Cake', Chris McDonald won the top prize in the raffle - £50 meal voucher donated by The Chester Arms. 
Lt Sally Smith gave an overview of the activities on offer to the young people to help enrich their lives and broaden their knowledge with lots of different experiences. Their aim is to buy a replacement mini bus so lets hope we can make a good contribution to this goal over the coming year. 
Guess the Number of Sweets 
Putting Game 
Ladies AGM - 15 January 2019 
The ladies gathered for their AGM to bid farewell to outgoing Ladies Captain, Judi Monico and to welcome Hilary Denny as the 2019 Ladies Captain. Judi gave a farewell speech highlighting her year and she presented a cheque to Helen Nellis for the school in Ghana which was her charity. Helen was delighted, thanking the ladies and advising the money would be spent on furniture for the school. 
Farewell and thanks were given to those committee members standing down, Anne Harris, Sam Turnbull, Sheila Fairey and Edna Turner and the new committee members of Sue Marsh, Helen Nellis, Noreen Tattam and Mary Mills were welcomed. 
Hilary's Inauguration 
An important part of the evening was the presentation of the year's trophies. Much clapping, photos and surprises for many ladies who had forgotten they had been winners during the year. The evening was wrapped up with a tasty supper and chat. 
Our 2018 Trophy Winners 
Pursuit Cup - Ladies Competition 
A very cold and early start for this annual mixed BOGS and BLOGS competition. A ball throw up determines your team with usually 2 chaps playing with a lady. Play is over 3 1\2 hours at which point every player must record their score, no finishing of the hole! The hot soup and bread roll for lunch was gratefully received in order to thaw us all out. 
This year the individual ladies competition was won by regular 'Saturday Lady' Mary Mills on countback, a well deserved winner. New lady member Adele Carson was part of the overall winning team. 
Congratulations and bravo to all who turned out on such an icy morning! 
1st, Mary Mills - 30 points (cb) 
2nd, Adele Carson - 30 points 
3rd, Carol Farnworth - 29 points 
A Flushing Victory for the Ladies 
On what can only be described as one of the wettest & miserable Saturdays of 2018, 18 lady BLOGS donned their waterproof clothing, (some of which turned out to no longer be fit for purpose) and headed out on the course to attempt to retrieve the magnificent florally decorated lavatory trophy. 
Oh how the chaps struggled in the rain, much huffing and puffing about the very generous number of courtesy shots gifted to the ladies who put their heads down & watched the rain water drip from their hats as the putts went down the holes!  
4 hours later and the trophy was secured as the ladies emerged the winners 24 holes up to 11 for the men. After much drying out, we all enjoyed a hot soup lunch in the Club House before BOGs Captain John Farnworth handed the trophy over to BLOGs Captain Judi.  
Codes Green, Blue, Red 
At times it is necessary to have restrictions in place on use of trolleys and buggies in order to protect our courses. 
These conditions are colour coded as detailed below:- 
o Code Green - No restrictions in place 
o Code Blue - Winter Wheels must be used with all trolleys, no buggies are permitted 
o Code Red - Carry Only; no trolleys or buggies permitted on the course 
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