Bedfordshire Golf Club - Member Roll-Up Groups 

A number of member based social golfing groups exist within the club. 
For those wishing to play golf with other members at the club, a number of these groups are operate on a roll-up basis. The primary groups which welcome others members on an ad-hoc basis are: 
TATS (Tuesday's and Thursday's) - Meet from 8.15am for an 8.30am tee-off 
Late Arrivals (Saturday) - Meet from 7.20am for a 7.30am tee off from 10th tee 
BOGS (Saturday) - Meet from 7.45am for an 8.00am tee off from1st & 10th tees 
LBW'S - Monday and Wednesdays - 9.15 am for 9.30 am tee off, meet on the practice putting green  
Member group page links are below: 
BLOGS (section to be created) 
Late Arrivals (section to be created)  
Ladies’ Roll ups 
Ladies’ rollups are open for all of our ladies to just turn up on the putting green or under the balcony and join in – you’re very welcome to come along: there are regular communications by WhatsApp and/or email and via Facebook, but you can just roll up on the day: this is also an opportunity to put a General Play card in, play an eclectic or a social round but on Saturdays, weekly competitions may be played within the roll ups since this is our alternate day to Tuesday competitions. 
Please check the club diary in case there are competitions or other reasons the roll ups won’t be run on the day: there may be slight time changes so keep an eye on WhatsApp notifications too. 
Belles & Sleeping Beauties 
Belles is a Saturday morning roll up: meet under the balcony at 8.15am ready to play at 8.30am –alternate day Saturday competition entrants may play first, along with any general play entrants. Otherwise play an eclectic round, or a social round: there’s an opportunity to “put a £1 in the pot” and share the winnings at the end over a friendly drink. 
Contact: Judi Monico (via IG, email, text, FB or WhatsApp) 
Sleeping Beauties runs along the same lines but meet at 11am ready to play at 11.15am. 
Contact: Nicki Reynolds (via IG, email, text, FB or WhatsApp). 
If tees are free, you may play from the 10th tee, following the guidelines Rules and Information ( There is no need to wait for 8 minutes before playing: play when it is safe to do so. 
Lucky Dip Roll Up 
The Lucky Dip group play at 9am on Thursdays unless there’s a competition at this time (e.g. senior ladies): meet about 10 minutes before on the putting green ready to play at 9am and follow the same guidelines as Saturday groups (no Ladies’ competitions included on Thursdays of course). 
Contact: Mira Tysoe (via IG, email, text, FB or WhatsApp Ladies’ Bookings group) 
Please let your Captain, Vice-Captain, Judi, Nicki or Mira know if you wish to be included in regular communications by WhatsApp and/or email and via Facebook, but you can just roll up on the day. 
Please remember that if you’re playing in a Saturday competition, follow the competition rules on IG and sign up must be before midnight the night before and check-in before play is, of course, required. 
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