B.O.G.S Annual Championship. BOGS HOME PAGE  The B.O.G.S Annual Championship is played over two rounds – one in the summer and one in the Winter.  Each round is an event in itself with a number of prizes awarded including the B.O.G.S summer champion and the B.O.G.S winter champion. Each event is followed by a celebratory dinner and prize giving.  The coveted B.O.G.S champion award is given to the player with the most points over the two rounds and is awarded at the winter event as part of the B.O.G.S Christmas dinner. 

Annual Championship 2019 

B.O.G.S Summer Competition - July 2019 
The Annual summer competition and lunch took place on Saturday 27th July with a great turn out of 37 Members of the B.O.G.S along with 7 distinguished guests, including Club Captain Andy Brown, Head Greenkeeper John Gubb and several of the Golf Professionals. 
All assembled at 7.30am for a pre-round warm up of coffee and whiskey shots and the usual early banter and speculation of the days potential winners. The first groups tee'd off at 8am with spots of rain in the air but with great anticipation of the various prizes up for grabs. Despite several comments about the extra long grass in the rough causing havoc with many of the players cards, the course and greens were in very good condition and 2 players in particular found the course and conditions a lot better than most. 
As the players returned to the clubhouse and changed for lunch, post match banter and the prize giving there was some surprise pre lunch news. John Farnworth called everyone to order and then shocked us all with an announcement of his retirement from captaincy of the B.O.G.S after 20+ years at the helm. 
After the news had sunk in and many of the BOGS had passed on their heartfelt thanks to John for all he had done for the BOGS over the many years, John announced that Joe Nellis would be taking over the role of captain straight after the completion of the summer event. 
John resided over the rest of days proceedings as his last act as BOGS captain and is seen here bringing the BOGS to order with the infamous Gavel for the very last time. 
The "Top" table helping John celebrate his last summer comp as BOGS Captain with a glass or two of the clubs finest house wine. 
After a sumptious lunch and the traditional toasts to BOGS Summer competition virgins, absent friends, various guests and the great conditions of the course, it was time for the all important prize giving. Club Captain Andy Brown was invited to present all the prizes and he gave an impromptu thank you message to John Farnworth for his role as BOGS captain over the years and reminded us all of the huge importance of the BOGS to the club as a whole and being a great place for welcoming new members and helping them to meet other club members to play golf with.  
So on to the results...... 
In the team event there were 3 winners.  
In 3rd place with 105 points was Tim Bailey, Mark Johnson and Andy Brown.  
In 2nd place on countback and with 105 points was Brian Allen, John Gubb and Paul Randles. 
Overall Team Winners with 106 points were Phil Anderson, Nick Serrechia and Phil Manning (not Pictured).  
Next up were the awards for the traditional spot prizes.  
Winner of the Front Nine was Tim Thimaya. 
Winner of the Back Nine was Jason "Nice Shirt" Young. 
Winner of the best Par 5's and Par 3's was - John Farnworth  
Winner of Nearest the Pin on the 6th - Jon Larrett. 
Winner of the Longest Drive on the 18th - Richard Kemp. 
Next up was the award for the best round by a guest. This is a fiercely contested and much coveted competition between all the guests to the BOGS competition. This years summer comp winner was John Gubb with a great score of 42.  
Perhaps the least contested but the most talked about award is the renowned porcelain trophy that recognises the golfer who put in the most effort for the least reward. This is not necessarily awarded to the player with the lowest score but to the player seen as making the most effort with little to show for it. This years summer comp winner of this coveted trophy was Dave Longmuir.  
Finally the awards for the top 4 individuals on the day and therefore the top 4 in the race to the overall BOGS champion at the end of the year.  
In 4th place with 36 points was John Eaton. 
In 3rd place with 37 points was newcomer to the BOGS Martin Ball. 
In 2nd place with an impressive 41 points was Mark Johnson. 
The Overall winner on the day and topping the overall championship leaderboard with an outrageous 42 points was Nic Serrechia.  
........And so the BOGS summer competition 2019 came to an end after another great day of golf, friendly competition and banter, good humour, great food and some great achievements AND some surprises along the way. Just all part of being in the B.O.G.S. 
As always, the catering, bar service and golf course were all first rate and huge thanks go to the catering and greens teams.  
Throughout the lunch there was of course much reflection on the past years of the BOGs and the fantastic job that John has done as captain to build such a well respected, welcoming and friendly society within the club and one that we are all proud to be members of.  
From all the BOGS a BIG THANK YOU JOHN ! and we look forward to the official retirement party at the BOGS Winter competition on 7th December.  

Annual Championship 2018 

Winter & Christmas Competition - December 2018. 
The Annual B.O.G.S winter competition and Christmas lunch took place on Saturday 8th December. This event is also the 2nd round of the coveted annual B.O.G.S championship where the aggregate of the scores from the summer and winter competitions determines the overall B.O.G.S champion of the year. The days event was well attended with 39 B.O.G.S and 6 guests including Club Captain, Jim Godfrey and Club President, Roger Willis as well as some of the club professionals.  
It was an early start to the day with the dawn only just breaking as everyone assembled for the traditional whisky and coffee pre competition warm up and banter in the clubhouse. Despite the early start everyone turned up on time in anticipation of the great day ahead.  
B.O.G.S captain John Farnworth called everyone to order and announced the order of play and outlined the various competitions and prizes up for grabs.  
The course and greens in particular were in great condition despite still recovering from the summer drought. This helped with some high scoring on the day and ensured everyone was round in under 4 hours and were ready for the greatly anticipated Christmas lunch with over 15 minutes to spare.  
The winners of the various prizes on the day including the overall Annual B.O.G.S champion trophy presented by John Farnworth and President Roger Willis were; 
Winning team with 113 points - Richard Kemp, Nic Serrecchia & Tony Peluso.  
Winning Team 
This year was the second year of the B.O.G.S special award for outstanding contribution to the B.O.G.S ethos and is nominated and passed down from the previous years winner. Although last years winner,Peter Gill was not present he had provided an entertaining, if not a little confusing, background to why he had chosen this years winner. As probably the most consistent player in the B.O.G.S and someone with the best ratio of age to handicap, this years popular winner was Brian Allen pictured below with the Art Deco trophy. 
All aspects of the catering and bar service were first rate and huge thanks go to Ruth and her team along with Debbie & her team in the kitchen. Another great day of golf, competition, good humour, great food and great achievements. All part of being in the B.O.G.S. 
The top four places in the Winter competition were as follows: 
Overall Winter Comp Winner: Phil Ilsley (40 Points) (Pictured below) 
2nd Place: Tim Bailey (39 points – based on count back) 
3rd Place: Nik Serrechia (39 points) 
4th Place: Ray Filip (38 points) 
Winter Champion 
Other winners on the day were; 
Best Front Nine: Brian Allen  
Best Back Nine: Richard Gregory (pictured below) 
Best Back Nine 
The most feared and typically least contested award is the renowned porcelain trophy that recognises the golfer who put in the most effort for the least reward. This years proud winner of this trophy was David Richardson pictured below.  
There was a fiercely fought battle of the best guests, particulary amongst the professionals. However there was no match to a very impressive round of gross 63 ! and 43 points from Richard Kemp pictured below. Richard also won the longest drive on the 18th. 
Best Guest and Longest Drive 
Nearest the Pin on 6th: David Neilson 
Best total Score on the Par 3’s and 5’s: Dave Longmuir. (pictured below) 
Best Score on Par 3's and 5's 
The Final trophy of the day was the overall 2018 BOGS champion. This was a closely fought battle with at least 10 players in the running from the summer. The top 3 places in the race to be champion were; 
3rd place - John Cribb (74 Points) 
2nd place - Phil Anderson (75 Points) 
1st place and overall BOGS Champion with 77 points - BRIAN ALLEN pictured below. 
B.O.G.S Summer Competition - July 2018 
The Annual B.O.G.S summer competition and lunch took place on Saturday 21st July with a great turn out of 41 Members of the B.O.G.S along with 7 guests, including club President Roger Willis and Head Professional Geraint Dixon and his team. All assembled in the clubhouse at 7.30am on what was yet another glorious sunny and somewhat humid morning. All competitors were treated to a pre round warm up of coffee and whiskey shots and the usual early banter and speculation of the days potential winners. 
The summer comp is the first round of the coveted overall B.O.G.S champion presented at the end of the winter competition in December. So everyone was keen to record a good score to keep them in the running. 
As ever the course was in great condition despite the long dry spell and with a number of prizes up for grabs the competition was fierce resulting in very high scoring from most (but not all) competitors. 
Winners of the various competitions on the day presented by B.O.G.S captain John Farnworth and club President Roger Willis were as follows: 
Winning Team - total score of 111: Steve Mason, Tim Thimaya & John Cribb 
The Winning Team 
Nearest the Pin on the 6th: Phil Rajotte 
Longest drive on 18th: Tim Thimaya 
Best Front Nine: Steve Mason (22 points) 
Best Back Nine: Joe Nellis (20 points) 
Best total Score on the Par 3’s and 5’s: Ted Hall (15 points) 
Best Individual performance by a guest: John Gubb (38 points) (Pictured with winners bubbly) 
Best Guest 
The top four places in round 1 of the race to the overall B.O.G.S individual champion were as follows: 
Overall Summer Comp Winner: Simon White (41 Points) (Pictured with summer comp trophy) 
2nd Place: Phil Anderson (40 points – based on count back for back 3) 
3rd Place: Brian Allen (40 points) 
4th Place: John Cribb (40 points) 
Individual Winner 
The final award of the day was the now traditional porcelain trophy presented to the competitor who has put in the most effort for the least reward (points scored for this trophy are never published). 
The proud owner of this recognition was Paul Randles (pictured with the sought after trophy). 
Most Effort - Least Reward! 
All agreed that the day’s events had, as usual, been very enjoyable and everyone looked forward to the winter version in December. 
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