Bedfordshire Golf Club - TATS 2021 

Welcome to the TATS Section of the club site.  
(TATS is an abbreviation for Tuesday & Thursday Society.) 
The TATS was founded around 1995, a group of 10 Senior Members from the original old course at Biddenham. Its prime function to act as a Mid-Week Roll-Up Society, giving an opportunity for members to play social golf on a regular basis, without the need to make formal arrangements. With the move to the new Stagsden Course in 2000, the TATS continued to operate under the original philosophy. Since those early days the Group has grown dramatically over recent years and now have a very active list of members.  
Our regular group tee-off time is every Tuesday & Thursday at 8.30am. Meeting on the putting green between 8.00am and 8.15am. the number of players present are counted and teams selected in groups of 3 and 4. Teams play from both tees depending and taking into account any tee reservations. 
In addition to our official club handicaps, we also have our own TATS Golf Handicaps which are mainly used for playing off the yellow tees. These are updated after every Tuesday & Thursday based on the TATS Rules, amendments are added on "the spreadsheet" which can be downloaded via the link below. 
In addition we play two annual competitions one in the Mid Summer and a Christmas Competition, both followed by lunch and a prize award ceremony.  
If you would like more information about the TATS, please drop an email to our Captain Terry Mizzi at 
TATS Xmas Winning Team 2018. Chris Williams, John McIntosh, Joe Nellis and John Simpson, receiving their prize from Tracey Mackmurdie and Terry Mizzi 
TATS 2nd Place Team Brian Ralph, Clive Harris and Mark Lewin 
receiving their prize from Tracey Mackmurdie and Terry Mizzi 
A record attendance of 62 TATS waiting for their Xmas Lunch 
The TATS Xmas Champion 2019, Phil Powell, receiving the Daniel Guerin Trophy, from Daniels Mother Tracey Mackmurdie and 
TATS Captain Terry Mizzi 
TATS Checking out their emails
TATS 2nd Place Nick Serrecchia receiving his prize from 
Tracey Mackmurdie and Terry Mizzi 
TATS 3rd Place Ian "DING" Davis receiving his prize from 
Tracey Mackmurdie and Terry Mizzi 
TATS 4th Place John Pepper receiving his award from 
Tracey Mackmurdie and Terry Mizzi 
South Korean Member Bids Farewell to TATS - Sept 2019 
Jeonghwan Cha, arrived in the UK on a three month holiday staying with his son in Bedford. A keen golfer back in Korea he was anxious to continue playing while on vacation in the UK. So he joined Bedfordshire GC and the TATS on a three month membership. 
One slight problem - he spoke no English. But that does not stop the TATS. By using Google Verbal Translator, communication was established, and play he did. 
During his stay he played 20 rounds of Golf with the TATS enjoying and sharing in the banter of Roll-Up Golf. 
Jeonghwan, Son & Grandson 
Jeonghwan & the TATS 
Sadly his time past very quickly and last week was his final round. Having been presented with his official TATS Shirt which he wore with pride, he joined in the traditional past time in the TATS of celebrating not his birthday but his farewell with Wine and Chips. 
During his time with the TATS he did learn how to call out his stokes per hole in English, and also some other phrases uttered when bad shots are played, or visits to bunkers or the water hazard. 
He will be sadly missed within the TATS, but he has promised to return next summer to stay once again with his son, and join Bedfordshire GC and the TATS. So not goodbye, but Au Revoir (the Korean version is too hard!) until next year. 
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