Men's Seniors' Club Matches 
BGC Team Brings Home Bedford Challenge Cup – September 2019 
The Bedford Challenge Cup is an annual event played between Men's Senior Section teams from the 4 Bedford based clubs which include – Bedfordshire GC, Bedford & County GC, Pavenham GC and The Bedford GC. 
It’s been running for 10 years and at long last our team have finally pulled off the victory to bring home the trophy. 
A very well done to Captain Phil Rajotte, Nick Serrecchia, Rob Mayfield, Tony Marsh, Stephen Long and Tim Thimaya. 
Our Victorious Seniors' Team 
Men's Scratch Team Do It Again - Dec 2018 
Bedfordshire Golf Club's Senior Men's Scratch team played Millbrook Golf Club on Friday 7th Dec and, and although they all got soaking wet as the skies opened, they secured an impressive 4 1/2 - 1/2 victory. 
Individual results were as follows: 
Barry Sullivan - Match halved 
Richard Caunt - Win 6&5 
John Haines - Win 1 up. 
Simon Hollands - Win 2&1 
Andy Brown - Win 3&2. 
Millbrook were unbeaten up until Friday, so this was another significant victory for this already successful. Captain 'Bazza' Sullivan is confident that they can challenge to retain their title, although it is likely to be a tough ask, having already lost one game. 
Bedfordshire's Men's Seniors' Scratch Team Bring Home the Trophy 
After a number of hard fought victories, the Bedfordshire Golf Club Men's Senior Scratch were delighted to finish on top of their league in the 2017/18 season. 
The result went to the wire with our team beating John O'Gaunt on legs won as we both finished on the same number of points overall. The turning point of the season though, was perhaps the 4-1 win at home against John O'Gaunt, with them complaining that the course was too long and that they were to old to carry their clubs! 
Our last game saw us beat Aspley Guise away 4:1 - a rare occurrence as it is not often they lose there. 
We are now 2 games into the 2018/19 season with one win and a loss so far and all to play for. 
Captain 'Bazza' receiving the League Trophy from County President, Les Tucker,  
Seniors' Scratch Match vs. South Beds Golf Club - Nov 18 
The Men's Seniors' Scratch Team played South Beds on Friday 17th Nov in the Scratch Seniors League, but sadly we lost this one 3-2. 
Super Richard Caunt won 5&4 along with Colin Beard who also won 5&4. 
Dave Marshall and Barry Sullivan lost 2&1, with both games going to the 17th. 
In the final match, John Haines took the game to the 18th green in a tightly fought contest, but he eventually lost 1 down to cede the overall match to South Beds. 
Our next match is v Millbrook at Stagsden on Friday 7th December. 
Seniors' Scratch Match vs. Bedford & County Golf Club. - Oct 2018 
In the recent Men's Seniors' Scratch Match we're pleased to report that we secure an impressive 5-0 against a usually very competitive opponent. 
The match was played in good conditions and the individual results were as follows: 
Captain Barry 'Bazza' Sullivan won 3&2. 
Richard Caunt playing in his first match won 3 & 1. 
Simon Hollands won 4&3. 
Dave Marshall won 4&2 
Vice-Captain Andy Brown won 3&2. 
This was an excellent start in our effort to retain the cup and our next match is on Friday 6th November at South Beds GC - let's see if we can keep the winning streak going! 
Men's Seniors' Scratch Team in yet another victory! - March 2018 
Our Men's Seniors' Scratch team have excelled themselves, not only winning again, but this time defeating the team from John O'Gaunt who were unbeaten this season. 
Not only did we beat them, but it was a convincing 4-1 victory. Individual results were as follows: 
Captain Bazza won 1 up 
Les Sharman won 4&3 
Andy Brown won 3&2 
Simon Hollands won 4&3 
Graham Crawford lost 2 down. 
This result puts Bedfordshire Golf Club in a good position and if we can win at Aspley Guise on Thursday 5th April, we will win the league. We wish Bazza and the boys the very best of luck. 
The Victorious Bedfordshire GC Seniors' Team with their opponents from John O'Gaunt 
Men's Seniors' Scratch Team Deliver Knock-Out Blow to Leighton Buzzard 
A satisfied look on the faces of the victors -  
aided, one suspects, by the odd beer or two! 
Our Men's Seniors' Scratch Team continued their recent run of good form, this time with a perfect 5-0 drubbing of Leighton Buzzard! 
Impressive performances by every member of the team resulted in victory in each pairing. Captain Barry 'Bazza' Sullivan saw the team off to a great start with a 3&2 victory, and the rest of the team followed his example. 
The full results were as follows: 
Barry Sullivan - W 3&2 
Graham Crawford - W 3&2 
Dave Marshall - W 6&5 
John Haines - W 3&2 
Andy Brown - W 2&1 
The team have won 3 of their 4 matches so far and now stand top of the league. 
With just two games left, against John O'Gaunt and Aspley Guise, we hope they can maintain their form and run out league winners at the end of the season. 
Seniors Competition - 13th November 2017 
Seniors Texas Scramble took place on a cold November morning with a cold wind blowing over the course. The course still in excellent condition although winter wheels and rules in play. Eight teams of four took part and only six stokes covered all teams.  
The winning team was:- 
Dick Thompson. Mark Lewin, Peter Gill, and David Pattle, winning with a final score of 63.5, narrowly beating the second team by a very small margin of 0.4. Certainly a very close run competition. 
The winners seen here having collected their bottles of wine. 
Winners of the Seniors Texas Scramble being presented with their wine, from Seniors Vice Captain Phil Rajotte 
Seniors Competition - 6th November 2017 
The inaugural Seniors Absent Friends Trophy was played to a field of 60 Seniors. Weather conditions although frosty to start, it turned into a nice crisp sunny day. This new competition was introduced so that Seniors that are no longer with us, past members dearly loved, and now remembered in the form of their own Trophy. A close run competition with only three Stableford points separating the top five players. 
Adrian Lennox-Lamb - 39 points 
Martin Allen - 37 points 
David Emsley - 37 points 
Clive Harris - 36 points 
Tommy Taylor-Dowson - 36 points 
A round of sandwiches and chips made sure that dear friends were recalled and past competitions remembered. 
Adrian Lennox-Lamb winning the Absent Friends Trophy being presented by Terry Mizzi. 
Senior Scratch Match vs. South Beds Golf Club - 9th November 2017 
The Men's Seniors Scratch team did the club proud with a 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 victory over South Beds at Stagsden. In the individual pairings, results were as follows: 
Graham Crawford - Win 
Vito Di Sapia - Win 
John Haines - Win 
Simon Hollands - Half 
Andy Brown - Loss 
This was a very encouraging result for the team as it was the second in this year's series, following the first match away to Beds & County which resulted in a 3-2 Loss. 
The next match is away to Millbrook Golf Club to be played on Friday 8th December. 
Bedfordshire Pairing win the National Seniors Pairs Championship. 
The National Seniors' Pairs Championship has been running for 20 years and is a truly national event with 98 pairs representing 62 clubs in this year’s competition.  
Huge congratulations are therefore due to Nick Serrecchia and Mark Lewin from Bedfordshire Golf Club for winning the final, played at Staverton Golf Club near Daventry and becoming National Champions!  
Not only did they win, but they beat their opponents from Naunton Downs Golf Club, near Cheltenham, by an amazing score of 7 and 6! 
Their journey started way back in April, with regional knock-outs, followed by quarter-finals spread more widely across the country. Having fought their way successfully to the final, they absolutely excelled on the day. We are very proud of them, so if you see them, you may wish to offer your congratulations. 
With Bedfordshire Golf Club in such great shape, it's fantastic to end 2017 by having our very own National Seniors Pairs Champions. What a way to announce our Club on the National Stage. 
Mark & Nick feature on the National Seniors Golf Association website, so to view the full article, please click on the following link:  
Nick Serrecchia and Mark Lewin with their trophies 
Seniors Captain vs. Vice-Captain - Wednesday 11th October 
On an excellent day for golf, with fair weather and the course in excellent condition, 44 Seniors took part in the annual Seniors Captain v Seniors Vice-Captain Challenge Match. 
And this year was a close affair, with both teams recording scores of Holes-Up per completed Match. The result was switching back and forwards on the result of every match declared. 
In the event a win by just one hole meant the Vice-Captain Team, Captained by Past Seniors Captain Brian Ralph in Tim Baileys absence, won the Challenge match with a score of 21 holes to 20 holes. 
This was certainly a fun event extremely well supported with the result always in doubt. Congratulations to all Seniors in taking part, and begrudgingly well done to Brian and his team, and there is always next year!! We're just sorry that Tim missed his 'Seniors Moment'! 
Seniors Captain Terry handing over something to celebrate with! 
Seniors' Captain's Day - 6th September 2017 
Seniors Captain's Day took place on a very pleasant Wednesday in early September with the course beautifully presented.  
Seniors Captain Terry had an excellent turnout of over 70 players for his big day and he set the competition in motion by firing the rocket to commence the Shotgun start. Amazingly with a full course, everyone moved round at a good pace, and therefore minimized the waiting on tees. 
Members of the Seniors Ladies (Carole Mizzi, Tina Pollard and Maureen Dawson) did a great job supporting Terry and had baked a seemingly endless array of tasty treats for the half-way hut. Most were consumed by the players, before they left the course! 
Following the golf, everyone enjoyed one of chef's 'Carvery Specials' before relaxing with some refreshment to hear a few words of wisdom from Captain John Simpson, before the main man himself, Seniors Captain Terry spoke.  
Terry was delighted with the overall feedback on a well organised day, with great fun enjoyed by all participants. After thanking all the helpers, he announced the winners of what were an excellent range of prizes. Having handed out the spot-prizes and a few mystery ones, Terry moved on to the all important main Stableford competition. There were some impressive scores, but the top three were as follows:. 
In 3rd place with 37 points - Clive Harris 
in 2nd place with 39 points - Martin Allen 
but the overall winner with a fantastic 41 points was Peter Kennedy.  
All three of the above are featured in the photo here with Seniors Captain Terry Mizzi. 
The winning team 
Terry lights the 
blue touch paper! 
Captain and his crew 
Some of the players on the 18th 
Captain's Crew and Bazza! 
The prize table 
Finally a big thank You to all those who helped in the organisation, and the running of a very smooth Seniors Captain Day. 
Seniors Invitation Day - June 2017 
Seniors Invitation Day was a great success. With very high temperatures of up to 30C the field was a bit smaller than normal, but still had 26 pairs involved. This allowed continuous movement around the course and meant no hold ups on tees, which would have been a challenge for many, given the high temperatures and lack of wind. 
10 pairs scored over 40 points which is quite amazing given the heat. Feedback from guests and members indicated that they had an excellent, well organised and managed day, with good food, lovely cakes from the Half Way hut and plenty of cold drinks! 
Seniors Invitation Day Winning Pairs: 
1. Mick Field & John Ingram – 47 points 
2. Nick Sparrow & Liam Cummins – 44 points 
3. Barry Sullivan & Derek Page – 42 points 
26 Pairs Entered (10 Pairs scoring over 40 points) 
Above: The winning pairs with Seniors Captain, Terry Mizzi 
Below: The Invitation Day Prize Table 
Competition Results in Detail 
2017 Seniors Matches & Events Diar
Inter Club Match Results 
Bedford (Home) WIN 6.5 - 1.5 
Kettering (Away) LOST 3.5 - 4.5 
Brampton Park (Home) WIN 5 - 3 
Leighton Buzzard (Home) WIN 4.5 - 3.5 
South Beds (Away) WIN 5.5 - 2.5 
St Ives (Home) WIN 6 - 2 
Pavenham (Away) LOST 1.5 - 4.5 
Wellingborough (Away) LOST 3.5 - 4.5 
Luton Hoo (Home) HALVED 3 - 3 
Luton Hoo (Away) LOST 2.5 - 3.5 
South Beds (Home) WIN 5 - 3 
Beds & County (Home) WIN 4.5 - 3.5 
Beds & County (Away) LOST 3 - 5 
Aspley Guise (Away) WON 5 - 3 
Wellingborough (Home) LOST 2.5 - 5.5 
Pavenham (Home) WIN 5 - 1 
Leighton Buzzard (Away) LOST 2 - 6 
Kettering (Home) WIN 5.5 - 2.5 
St Ives (Away) WIN 4.5 - 3.5 
Abbotsley WIN 6.5 - 1.5 
Brampton Park (Away) LOST 3 - 5 
Aspley Guise (Home) WIN 6.5 - 1.5 
Millbrook (Home) LOST 2 - 4 
The Bedford (Away) LOST 2 - 6 
Millbrook (Away) LOST 2 - 4 
Year End Result  
Played 25 Won 13 Lost 11 Halved 1 
Wed 18th Four Club Competition 
Mon 6th 13 Hole Stableford 
Mon 13th Greensome Stableford 
Mon 20th Pairs BetterBall Stableford  
Mon 27th Yellow Tee Stableford (Q) 
Mon 6th Stephenson Cup Draw 
Wed 8th White Tee Stableford (Q) 
Mon 20th The Bedford (HOME) 
Wed 22nd March Hare Trophy Medal (Q)  
Wed 29th Kettering (AWAY) 
Wed 5th Ken Savill Salver (Medal) (Q) 
Thu 6th Brampton Park (HOME
Mon 10th Scott Cup Draw 
Wed 12th Seniors Championship Rnd 1 (Q) 
Wed 26th Kitchen Trophy Draw 
Wed 26th Leighton Buzzard (HOME) 
Wed 3rd South Beds (AWAY) 
Mon 8th Pattison Salver Draw 
Mon 8th Seniors Championship Rnd 2 (Q) 
Fri 19th St Ives HOME 
Mon 22nd Young Plate Draw 
Wed 24th Seniors Championship Rnd 3 (Q) 
Thu 25th Pavenham Park (AWAY) 
70's PLUS 3x9 hole 9 (see bottom of page **)  
Thu 1st Wellingborough (AWAY) 
Wed 7th Luton Hoo (HOME) 
Tue 13th Luton Hoo (AWAY) 
Wed 14th S.Kenny Trophy over 70's 
Mon 19th South Beds (HOME) 
Fri 30th Jim Baxter Memorial Salver 
Thu 6th TATS Summer Comp & Lunch 
Mon 10th Beds & County (HOME) 
Mon 17th Mixed Texas Scramble 
Tue 18th Beds & County (AWAY) 
Wed 19th Seniors Championship Rnd 4 (Q) 
Mon 24th Aspley Guise (AWAY) 
Thu 27th Wellingborough (HOME) 
Tue 1st Autumn Eclectic Begins 
Thu 3rd Pavenham Park (HOME) 
Mon 7th Leighton Buzzard (AWAY) 
Mon 14th Bert Hurley Salver (Medal) (Q) 
Wed 16th Kettering (HOME) 
Thu 24th St Ives (AWAY) 
Fri 1st Abbotsley (HOME) 
Mon 11th Brampton Park (AWAY) 
Mon 18th Senior Mixed Waltz POSTPONED 
Thu 21st Aspley Guise (HOME) 
Mon 25th The Bedford Challenge Cup 
Mon 2nd Barry Allen Trophy (Stableford) (Q
Wed 4th Millbrook (HOME) 
Mon 9th Bedford AWAY 
Wed 11th Captain v Vice Captain Match 
Fri 13th Autumn Eclectic Ends 
Mon 16th White Tee Stableford (Q) 
Wed 18th Senior Mixed Waltz NEW DATE 
Fri 20th AGM and DINNER 
Tue 24th Millbrook (AWAY) 
Mon 30th Yellow Tee Medal 
Notes ** 
70's PLUS - Veterans Bedfordshire Trophy (May) 
Played over 27 holes 
9 on Academy course 
9 on Front Main course 
9 on Back Main course 
Played during May June July 
Card to be nominated before play 
Mon 6th Absent Friends Cup (Stableford) 
Mon 13th Texas Scrambl
Mon 27th Greensome Stableford 
Thu 30th TATS Xmas Comp & Lunch 
Wed 6th 9 Hole Stableford & Xmas Lunch 
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